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My Puppy




Gold Medal Scooter

Baby Scooter

Don’t you just wish that everyone in your household was as happy to see you when you come home as your puppy is???  It kind of reminds me of the pictures you see of little children running and squealing to the front door when “Daddy comes home”…… they are just so happy he’s there, run to hug him and kiss him……  Well….. that’s what Scooter does for us.  I call it his little ‘happy dance’.  He wags his tail…. his little body turns slightly sideways in a shaking motion that follows his tail….  He wants to give ‘hello’ kisses immediately on your arrival home!  He could be sitting here for several hours by himself…. without a chance to go out and go potty (no doggy door…  :o(  ….) ….. and he still won’t go outside to relieve himself until you’ve acknowledged him and he’s given you your hello kiss(es)   He loves to give multiple kisses!  In fact, he’s so excited to see us that even when he does go out potty, it’s just a quick one so that he can come back for more kisses!!  So much unconditional love.  Scooter is a Brussels Griffon.  You remember the dog in the movie “As Good AS it Gets” with Jack Nicholson?  Yeah….. he’s a Verdell dog…. and he is CUTE and sweet and loving and forgiving…….  unconditional love!!  He brings us a lot of joy.  He fits right in the family too…. being a singer and all!  Start singing Happy Birthday and he’ll chime right in there!!  Or “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”…… or a multitude of other songs if he’s in the mood.  The times I like best are when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir starts singing on TV…..  he puts his little head back and starts howling this little soft howl…….  kind of in a reverent way……  cute as can be!  He likes Religious music.  Not kidding….. he really does!  So…. today (and everyday….) I’m grateful for my sweet puppy, Scooter!  (Thanks, Mandy!)  And Thanks, Scooter for showing me what unconditional love is!!  How does your dog show you he’s happy you’re home??   I am grateful!  How are you?



Ok…. I know I’m going to get a lot of flack on this one….. particularly on a day like today!!!  But….. today I’m grateful for Snow!!  Though I would have preferred, like most of you, to have had a White Christmas…….  I am still grateful for the snow today!  Some of you may disagree…. but I like to have it bright inside my house.  When I lived in Murray…. we had huge windows in our front room that let in a LOT of light…. and I loved it!!  (Besides…it saves energy… you don’t need to turn on the lights!!)  But, here in my Riverton condo….. its not so bright.  At least not very bright in the entry way area.  

But today!!!  AWESOME!!  The daylight reflecting off the snow into my house makes it bright…. and I love it!  One of the other reasons I’m grateful for snow is the obvious reason that it brings moisture to the ground, which you’ve got to admit… that come July or August…. you’ll be grateful for too!!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were SO excited when it snowed!  In my day….. long before we had street plows that kept EVERY street clean….. we could sled down the streets in our neighborhood!  So much fun.  Building snowmen….. making snow angels….. snow ball fights….. you know!  All that stuff that comes with playing in the snow!!!  So how come I’m not out there right now playing in it???  Well…… first of all….. I’m not a kid and I don’t have anyone to play in the snow with me…. and secondly……. I’m going to refer back to Tuesdays’ post…….  I prefer to stay warm!  BUT….. I still love the snow!  So…. no more complaining….. let’s be grateful that it’s here to give Mother Earth what she will need in the coming months!

And I have to add that I’m grateful that I don’t have to go out in it unless I want to ….. I know some of you aren’t so lucky!  So….. be safe… but be grateful!  Let’s play the Pollyanna ‘glad’ game!  You can find a reason to be ‘glad’ about the snow….. even if you are out there shoveling it!

I am grateful!  How are you?

Peace and Quiet


I know…. I mentioned 2 things here…… but they go hand in hand.  Being at the stage in my life when there aren’t too many things around making noise…. at least by choice…..  I find that I really enjoy peace and quiet.

What do you think about when you are left alone with your thoughts and can hear yourself think?  I wish I knew…. or should I say I’d like to learn better techniques for meditation.  It’s nice not having outside distractions so you can concentrate on….. whatever!  I am blessed not only to have that on occasion within my own home (my husband enjoys quiet too….)…. but also because I have the opportunity to be inside the Temple 2 mornings a week.   My favorite thing to do is to take time to go up and sit in the Celestial room before the first session comes off.  Sooooo peaceful…… sooo beautiful.  It’s usually only me and one or two other people.

Maybe I could learn to meditate for long hours if I had this to look at!


Again…. I’d like to learn to be better at meditation…. I’m open for suggestions!!  When I read “Eat, Pray, Love” this last year, I wondered if I could actually sit for hours on end in meditation as she learned to do.  I’m not sure I want to learn to be quiet for THAT long….. but I would like the skills of figuring out what’s going on in my head.  Listening to that inner voice that’s probably telling me what I need to do to be a better me.  Then…. I just need the energy and the determination to be that!!  It’s coming.  A little at a time.  Working on getting out of my comfort zone for some things.  It’s all good.  But for today…. I’ll take the peace and quiet!

I am grateful!  How are you?



Today I am grateful for heat!!  On this chilly December morning….. I woke to see shadows of smoke coming from neighboring houses’ chimneys.  I looked out to see the frost on the ground and it occurred to me that I am VERY grateful to be inside a nice warm cozy house where I can control the temperature to what is comfortable for me…. either by turning up the heat , flipping a switch to start a fire in the fireplace,or even wrapping up in a blanket or warmer clothes!  How lucky is that!  

I told my husband the other day while we were driving home  that I didn’t think I’d make a very good homeless person!  I DON’T like being cold!!  It sends shivers up my spine and makes my back ache!  So today….. I am grateful for heat.  I am grateful that I am blessed to be in a situation where I have control over that.

When you take a minute to realize the impact that something like heat has on you….. it brings to mind a LOT of other things to be grateful for that we just take for granted.  But I won’t expound on those today!  I still have 362 days to go!!

I am grateful!  How are you?

Family AND Technology


Time for a new family pic..... the girls have all changed hair!!

So begins a new adventure with a blog! Never having blogged before I will be open to suggestions! My goal is to take time to daily share something I am grateful for. This idea came to me within the last few days….. since I’ve been working on the “Law of Attraction” concepts…. and realizing how important it is to be grateful for what I have now in order to manifest and attract even greater things in my life…. this blog will help me bring attention to the many blessings I already have. I will be sharing some things on FB and perhaps even learn how to ‘tweet’ in this process, but my goal is to have a year full of gratitude for 365 different things! (Perhaps more if I take it to the end of 2011)

The idea for the name of the blog came from a talk I heard yesterday in church. The speaker said that when he was asked “How are you doing?” …instead of answering, “Fine, Thanks, and you?” etc…… He now answers: “I’m grateful, How are you? The response he has been getting from people with this answer has been an eye opener for him and for those who asked! I thought it was a great idea and It only reaffirmed the feeling that I had that I needed to post a daily gratitude statement…. it just gave me a clever name to do it with!!

Since I started my first FB post yesterday, I will be posting BOTH things I’ve noted gratitude for in my first blog. Lucky you! You’ll get a double whamy!

So here is yesterday’s post on FB:
Today I begin my journey of a DAILY shared Attitude of Gratitude with all of you. I figure, why wait till the New Year if I felt inspired to start today!! Today I am grateful for an amazing family. For 3 terrific kids who turned out fabulous in spite of their Mother….. and SOOOOOOO grateful for an AMAZING husband who is really the rock of the family. Couldn’t ask for a better husband or Father to my children. GRATEFUL!!

I am Grateful!   How are you?

(This post was followed by some very NICE comments from friends and family that I won’t list here. You can go to my FB profile page and read them if you really want to.)

And here is the post I made this morning:
Today’s Attitude of Gratitude…… I am grateful for technology. Particularly today for the computer/Internet. It has opened up my world to a great amount of free learning and wisdom from other people. Full of history, and new knowledge. Though that has to be sifted and sorted….. I feel as though I have the World Encyclopedia at my fingertips! And though it’s not as personal as talking ‘in person’ …… it has allowed me to reconnect and rekindle old friendships, make new ones and at least be able to stay in touch a little with what is going on in their lives!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

So begins my first blog and my year’s journey of gratitude. Most of my posts will most likely be shorter than today’s. I suppose there will be days that I will want to expound on my feelings….. hopefully you’ll indulge me!