My Puppy



Gold Medal Scooter

Baby Scooter

Don’t you just wish that everyone in your household was as happy to see you when you come home as your puppy is???  It kind of reminds me of the pictures you see of little children running and squealing to the front door when “Daddy comes home”…… they are just so happy he’s there, run to hug him and kiss him……  Well….. that’s what Scooter does for us.  I call it his little ‘happy dance’.  He wags his tail…. his little body turns slightly sideways in a shaking motion that follows his tail….  He wants to give ‘hello’ kisses immediately on your arrival home!  He could be sitting here for several hours by himself…. without a chance to go out and go potty (no doggy door…  :o(  ….) ….. and he still won’t go outside to relieve himself until you’ve acknowledged him and he’s given you your hello kiss(es)   He loves to give multiple kisses!  In fact, he’s so excited to see us that even when he does go out potty, it’s just a quick one so that he can come back for more kisses!!  So much unconditional love.  Scooter is a Brussels Griffon.  You remember the dog in the movie “As Good AS it Gets” with Jack Nicholson?  Yeah….. he’s a Verdell dog…. and he is CUTE and sweet and loving and forgiving…….  unconditional love!!  He brings us a lot of joy.  He fits right in the family too…. being a singer and all!  Start singing Happy Birthday and he’ll chime right in there!!  Or “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”…… or a multitude of other songs if he’s in the mood.  The times I like best are when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir starts singing on TV…..  he puts his little head back and starts howling this little soft howl…….  kind of in a reverent way……  cute as can be!  He likes Religious music.  Not kidding….. he really does!  So…. today (and everyday….) I’m grateful for my sweet puppy, Scooter!  (Thanks, Mandy!)  And Thanks, Scooter for showing me what unconditional love is!!  How does your dog show you he’s happy you’re home??   I am grateful!  How are you?