Ok…. I know I’m going to get a lot of flack on this one….. particularly on a day like today!!!  But….. today I’m grateful for Snow!!  Though I would have preferred, like most of you, to have had a White Christmas…….  I am still grateful for the snow today!  Some of you may disagree…. but I like to have it bright inside my house.  When I lived in Murray…. we had huge windows in our front room that let in a LOT of light…. and I loved it!!  (Besides…it saves energy… you don’t need to turn on the lights!!)  But, here in my Riverton condo….. its not so bright.  At least not very bright in the entry way area.  

But today!!!  AWESOME!!  The daylight reflecting off the snow into my house makes it bright…. and I love it!  One of the other reasons I’m grateful for snow is the obvious reason that it brings moisture to the ground, which you’ve got to admit… that come July or August…. you’ll be grateful for too!!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were SO excited when it snowed!  In my day….. long before we had street plows that kept EVERY street clean….. we could sled down the streets in our neighborhood!  So much fun.  Building snowmen….. making snow angels….. snow ball fights….. you know!  All that stuff that comes with playing in the snow!!!  So how come I’m not out there right now playing in it???  Well…… first of all….. I’m not a kid and I don’t have anyone to play in the snow with me…. and secondly……. I’m going to refer back to Tuesdays’ post…….  I prefer to stay warm!  BUT….. I still love the snow!  So…. no more complaining….. let’s be grateful that it’s here to give Mother Earth what she will need in the coming months!

And I have to add that I’m grateful that I don’t have to go out in it unless I want to ….. I know some of you aren’t so lucky!  So….. be safe… but be grateful!  Let’s play the Pollyanna ‘glad’ game!  You can find a reason to be ‘glad’ about the snow….. even if you are out there shoveling it!

I am grateful!  How are you?


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