A Whole, Healthy Body

Goodness…… I’m sitting here watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I realized how grateful I am for a whole Healthy body!!  Even though I’m getting older and the aches and pains show up a little more often than when I was younger….. I still have a whole healthy body!  How many times have I taken that for granted in my life?  Far too many, I’m afraid!  It just occurred to me, that not only has my body been healthy, but that I was blessed with a fair amount of coordination too.  Some people may disagree with that….. but I’ve been able to do things physically that some people haven’t been able to do ( or don’t want to do….).  I’ve always considered myself a fairly good dancer.  Not in the sense that I think I should appear on ‘So You Think You Can Dance” or anything ….. but good enough that I was able to perform with a dance group in my late teens and also did some dancing in some musicals and have performed with an entertainment group that ‘moves’ while we sing for…… well,  a long time……  Again….. I wouldn’t say that I am by any means a great dancer……. though I wonder if I had pursued training a little more, if I couldn’t have been much better than I am.  And…… though I wouldn’t attempt to do things NOW that I did when i was younger…. at least I can still do ‘choreography’ when I perform.  And it thrills me that I’ve passed that ‘coordination’ on to my children! (Only….. they are much better than I am! )  So… to top off the ability to physically be able  move my ‘whole’ body…  is the fact that my body is healthy.   And in the last year or so I have taken measures to try and improve that health…. though sometimes I slip and I’m not as good as I should be (i.e….. the recent holidays!!) ….. at least I am aware of what I am doing to improve my health and continually try to make it better.  Being conscious of it and trying to do something about it is half the battle!!  Right?  So…. today I am truly grateful for a whole, healthy body!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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