My Home

What is your definition of home?  Is it just a place to lay your head, or is it much more than that?  For me….. it’s much more.  I spend a lot of time at home.  Since I don’t have an ‘outside’ job and I work from home….. I’m here a lot.   Home for me would be defined as a place of refuge, a place of comfort…… a place where I can be my true self……. Not that I’m not myself in other places….  but I think maybe we do things at ‘home’ that we don’t do in public.

Our lovely home

My home is an expression of me.  It’s a good thing I didn’t marry a man who really cares how my house is decorated, what colors I use, etc. (though there are time I want his opinion….. of which he doesn’t like to give….).  Maybe that whole decorating thing is just a natural part of being a woman, or a creative person.

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s with shows on TV like “Father Knows Best”, “The Donna Reed Show”, “Leave It to Beaver” and “My Three Sons”…… all shows about the ideal family doing things that were ‘gender’ specific (for the times anyway….. many of which would cause arguments today!)   So…. perhaps growing up that way….. with my parents pretty much doing those ‘gender’ specific things….. it would only be natural for me to want to decorate my home the way that I want….. with a woman’s touch.

It’s important to make it a comfortable place to be.  In our last home, I was pretty neutral with all the colors I chose.  This time I have branched out a little and added more color.  Even though they would be considered neutral in some decorating books….. they add color that I’ve never had…. and I love it!  It makes my home warm and cozy and comfortable.  Just like a home should be.

We have all the comforts and beyond in our current home.  Can you imagine what it must have been like before indoor plumbing?   I can’t even imagine the torture it must have been to have to make a trip to a cold cold outhouse this time of year!  Yikes……   (sounds like I’m getting onto another topic of gratitude here!! )   So…. I’ll stop just by saying…. I’m grateful to live in a warm lovely home with all the comforts I need.  This time of year makes that feeling of gratitude even stronger!   I am truly blessed!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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