Ummmmm……. is there anything better than a nice warm bowl of homemade soup on a cold winter’s night?  Probably not…. at least not tonight!  The best part about it tonight is the fact that it was actually prepared several days ago and all it took was a nice warm up with some added condiments….. and heaven!

It’s a rare thing for me to make up my own recipe….. but for this one I did.   I had some Taco Soup somewhere and enjoyed it so much…..I looked at what was in it….tried to identify some flavors and then I gave my own version a try!  It was a success!  Even hubby likes this on a lot.   The only part I need to remember is what and how much of what I used!!  I do love homemade soup.  Much better than out of a can!  There are a few good canned soups…. but homemade always seems to top those by a mile!  I don’t make soup often enough.  I made it more when I had kids at home to eat it….. now that it’s just my hubby and I …… a big pot of soup goes a long way for the two of us!  It’s a good thing you can you can freeze it!

I used to have a great recipe for Cheese Soup from the Print Shop Restaurant….. lost that recipe somewhere.  Even my kids loved it when they were little!  Oh well…. time to experiment again?????  So…. today I’m thankful for a good hearty bowl of homemade soup on a cold winter’s day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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