You know…. I’m sure there was something very charming about getting into a carriage pulled by a horse.  Doesn’t it look charming in the movies?  Of course…. part of the charm for me is the attire they wore back then.   I’ve always wanted to be in a show from that era so I could wear fabulous costumes…. (someday I will be!)   But actually…. I think I  would have hated it in the long run.  I mean….. who wants all those layers in 90 plus degree weather….???    But I digress…. this post is about vehicles…. not clothing.

As I was saying… I’m sure there was some charm to a horse and carriage….. I mean after all….. look at what Cinderella showed up in at the ball!  Who wouldn’t want to show up in a rig like that to the prom?  However…..  I think I’ll be content with our current day form of transportation.  I’ll take my car.  After all….. not only will I arrive at my destination MUCH

You can actually charter these things!

quicker than by horse and carriage…. but I’ll arrive cleaner, cooler (or warmer…. depending on the weather ) and much less fatigued!  Now that sounds much more like conditions that a real princess would want.  I mean really…… do you think Cinderella showed up without dust all over her?  (the roads were  NOT paved back then!)   And what was the temperature like that night?  Was it a ‘hot August night’?  Did she have an anti-presperant to put on?  How long was the drive….?  it could have been SO tiring!!  Let’s not even talk about the wind in her hair!   No super max hold hairspray!!!    Oh wait….. its a fairy tale… that’s right!  Of course she’ll show up perfect!  That’s what fairy tales are for!     So… . I guess I’ll have to just fantasize about arriving in a horse and carriage wearing a fabulous gown…. but I think I’ll settle for the fantasy and be very grateful that I can travel in a modern day car!

I mean….. look at what cars can be decked out with these days!  I’ll bet Cinderella had to rely on those mice knowing the way to the ball!    There was NO GPS system back then!  Isn’t that a marvelous feature to have?  Can’t tell you how many times that’s helped me find places that I would have completely gotten lost or it would have taken much longer to find!  How about heated seats?  I don’t personally have those in my car (my next one will….) but I’ve ridden in cars that have them…. and they are nice on a cold day!  Wow….. so many features that are available in today’s cars!  The list could go on and on.   I don’t have too many bells and whistles on my current vehicle…. but it’s a nice car that gets me where I need to go with ease and relative comfort.  So today…..I’m grateful for my car.  Even more grateful that I ‘own’ it and don’t have any car payments!  That is truly a blessing!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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