BHS friends

WAY late with yesterdays gratitude post….. but the party went late last night so I missed my deadline anyway!!  So…. you’ll get two posts today to make up for the one I missed!

What do you think of when you think of High School?  Is it fond memories for you?….. mediocre at best?….. or something you’d like to forget?  Luckily for me…. I have many fond memories of HS.  Going to school was never a struggle for me.  I had such great friends and some awesome teachers, so it was a good time in my life.  I don’t remember having a hard time adjusting to being a teen like some kids do.  Of course….. I was lucky to associate with lots of different groups of people, but some of my closest friends were Student Body and Class officers, etc..  …. so I guess feeling like I fit in made school easy for me too.  Even though I felt like I was ‘friends’ with most people at school, there were still groups of people that I didn’t ‘hang out’ with…. so I didn’t consider them to be really good friends…. more like acquaintances… you know?    So that fact that some of the people that I would have catagorized into that ‘acquaintances’ group are the ones that started planning the BHS Girls Night out get togethers about a year ago, left me a little apprehensive about attending the first function they planned.  But…. I decided to buck up and go to the next one they had…. and I’ve been grateful I did!   Its funny how we worry about seeing people we knew in HS  some 30 years later or so…… we sometimes still worry about making an impression…. (though I don’t think I worried about it in HS….)   But when we get together and talk…. you find out that even though life has been a different experience for each of us… we’ve all grown into pretty (literally….) fine women.  It’s such a pleasure to sit and listen to them talk about so many things in life and hear their opinions and wisdom.   I’ve been so impressed and grateful that I know these ladies!  Makes me wish I had been better friends with them in HS!  Last night was especially wonderful.  Not only did we take the chance to celebrate and support one of our

BHS girls at Merlyn's Shower

beautiful friends in her upcoming nuptials….. but we took some time to go around the room and let everyone catch up on what was going on in each others lives.  Wow…..  amazing women…..!   Some extremely difficult challenges that some have faced…. but there they were!  Sitting in the same room and sharing their lives experiences…..  And we all supported each other and only wanted the best for one another!  It was pretty awesome.  The fact that our hostess for the evening happened to be married to one of our classmates made it even more fun…because he sat in on the whole evening and just ate it up!  It must be time to start inviting the men from our class to a couple of these things!  (I don’t know though….. women kind of bond in a different way then men!)  But it would be so fun to see them!   Hopefully….. we will be planning our big 40 year reunion soon!  I think we have a good core committee already meeting on a regular basis!  Let’s start planning!

So today…. I’m grateful that I loved HS and made such great friends!   I’m grateful that we can still get together  after all these years and sincerely love and care about each other!  I just hope the rest of you out there are as lucky!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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  1. Funny thing….. after attending a Relationship fireside last night with my husband, given by Matt Townsend….. maybe the idea of adding the guys from our class to our get togethers wouldn’t be quite as fun after all! Matt Townsend verified that women bond by talking and men bond by action! There’s a LOT of talking going on at these! We might make the men’s ‘ears bleed’! LOL

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