Word Processing/Copy machines

Who out there wants to admit that they are old enough to remember having to use a mimeograph machine when you wanted multiple copies of something?  I know teachers used to use them all the time! Remember those things?  Just trying to type something up on one without making mistakes was a nightmare!  Yikes!  Then putting the paper in the machine and sometimes having to crank those out yourself…. and the smell of the ink and letting them dry!  Then….. using the copy so many times that the ink started to get lighter and lighter…… and poof …. there goes your original!   How lucky are we now a days to have other ways to make copies!  First of all…. (I’m aging myself again…) remember how exciting it was when those new typewriters came out that had the little roll of correction tape on them?  If you made a mistake you could go back and hit correct and that correction tape would type over the letter with white in the exact same place and you could then type in the same spot with the correct letter!  How cool was that!!  That was pretty exciting!  It made typing a report or paper a LOT easier!  Do you remember  that you actually had to take a type class just to learn to type?  How far that has come!  Now they learn to type right on the computer.  I believe they call it keyboarding or something like that….. although it’s probably still a class they take…. just a different feel.    (Do they still teach them how to type a formal letter with headings and such?)  I have no clue!  ANYWAY…..  now we type on our computers, make corrections immediately and then send it to a printer to be printed or even send it electronically via the internet!   Better yet….. not only can we make corrections immediately, but most word processing programs, like Word for instance,  correct it for you if it recognizes what you are typing…. or it underlines it so you can go back and figure out whats wrong.  Then do a little right click with the mouse and BINGO!  There’s your choice for the correct spelling on your word or even a choice for a possible different word.  Then there’s grammar correction! Need I go on?  Things are VERY different than they were when I first learned to type!  Although I’m glad I got to learn the old fashioned way and see things evolve to where they are today….. I wouldn’t want to go back!  I’m perfectly content with word processing programs, copy/scanners and printers!  (Sure makes those church or school lessons and talks a whole lot easier!!)   Today I am very grateful for word processing programs, printers and copy machines!  How else could we do it in this face paced world???  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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