My Mom

Today my Mom turned 89 years old.  I thought this would be an appropriate day to say how grateful I am for her.  She has always been a big support to me.  And a big influence.  I suppose that part of my love for singing came from her example.  For as long as I can remember as a kid, she was a member of the Bountiful Sweet Adelines and also was in a Barbershop quartet called: The Classics.  They were good.  I loved to hear them sing.  I enjoyed attending their concerts and also hearing a few other quartets sing.  So….. the love of performing…. the love to sing…. I attribute to my Mom.  My Mother was always involved in some kind of music thing.  One of the things I remember was when she was Primary Chorister.  This was back when Primary was in the middle of the week.  Also before there was a regulated

Mom in the 1940's

Primary Song Book that was used.  We used to sing some fun songs for Holidays and such…. things that wouldn’t be used today.    She always had pictures and visuals for the songs, etc..  I just remember loving singing time in Primary with my Mom.  In fact…. I loved it so much…. that I would go home and play ‘primary chorister’ myself and lead the singing.  I’m pretty sure that my dolls were the primary kids.  I was good at using my dolls for that kind of stuff!  So… Mom had a big influence on me and my talents.

She was always there when you needed her.  I’m pretty sure she did her fair share of driving me and my friends around.  I also remember her being my ‘Room Mother’ a few times.  Those parties were always fun…..  She was always there to take care of us.  I remember she would make a lunch for my Dad everyday.  Most of the time she would deliver that fresh lunch right to him on the job.  He was a brick mason and usually worked in the Bountiful area so it made it easy for her to get it to him.  She always had a clean house and had her regimen of doing certain things on certain days.  I wish I could say that had rubbed off on me!!!  She’s always been a character and full of life.  Even what you might say…. a little feisty!  My friends used to love to come to my house just because she would harass them and make things fun.  She did have a habit of talking a little like J. Golden Kimball (which….unfortunately DID rub off on me!)  I used to be embarrassed by it, but most of my friends loved her because she was down to earth and just said things like they were.  Things were always fun when Mom was around.  It’s hard to see your parents get old!  She’s definitely not as healthy as she used to be.

Jen Bangerter

Diabetes can do a number on your body.  She has a great attitude though.  She really remains pretty positive most of the time, despite what happens.  It was an adjustment for her when we had to put her in an Assisted Living center.  But she remained positive and within a few days decided she like it there and soon had made many friends.  I don’t know how much longer she will be with us….. one never knows these things.  It’s been 4 years today since her stroke (yes…. she had it on her birthday!)  and 4 1/2 years since Dad died.  Sometimes I think she would just be happy to ‘go home’ to be with him.  Most of the time…. I think she wants to stay around to see her grandkids grow and succeed.  I will be grateful for what ever time she has left.  So…. Mom…. I love you and thank you for all you’ve done for me!  Happy Birthday!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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