Being able to take a Shower

In conversation with some friends today, the subject of camping came up.  They were talking about girls camp and comparing the idea of being in a campground with showers and bathrooms vs. a Rough out camp….. where you have NO access to a shower and have to build a latrine……  It made me realize that I have been very blessed in my life!!  I can’t think of a time where I haven’t been able to take a shower for more than a few days.  I did attend girls camp….. but we were lucky enough to go to Camp Piutea…..  a girls camp with a lodge, cabins PLUS bathrooms with showers and toilets.  That’s not roughing it much, is it?  But I sure loved girls camp!  I’m sure having those luxuries had something to do with me loving it!   But I do love to take a shower…..  I actually don’t like it much when I have to hurry….. I like to take my time.  (I know…. that’s not being very conservative…)  I love the feel of that nice warm water just running down your back, the feel of squeaky clean hair and my favorite thing as of late is to end my

Oh.... I sing in the shower too!!!

shower with a luxurious ‘homemade’ salt scrub.  Mmmmm….. mmmm  LOVE how it make my skin so soft for several hours.  This dry weather makes my skin soak it up a lot faster….. but it still feels great.  I guess you could say that I just love the feeling of being clean!  This topic make me think back a bit like I did with my post about cars….. what must it have been like before indoor running water?  Man…. are we spoiled today or what?  I think each generation just gets more and more spoiled because they are raised with the conveniences that the former generation never had when they were young.  (i.e. for our generation… computers, cell phones…)  All things we take for granted now but are pretty much an expected part of life!  I think I’m beginning to realize with this blog that a lot of the things I’m grateful for are modern conveniences!  I guess that’s ok as long as I realize how much easier and blessed my life is because of them!  So what do you like about your shower?  Anyone out there have all those fancy multiple shower heads?  Now that must really be luxury!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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