Mr. B

If you had to name 10 of the most influential people in your life who would they be?  I’m sure that the list would be very different for each one of us.  We all have varied interests and experiences that would put people from all walks of life on our lists…. it would be interesting to compile a list like that….. just to see how varied it was!

For me…. probably one of the most influential people would be Mr. B.    Kim R, Burningham, my Drama and Speech teacher at Bountiful High.  He instilled in me a love for theater and the stage ….and a lot of confidence in myself.  I was blessed with many opportunities to play a lot of different characters in the musicals and even some plays.  And what a talented class we had!  I was grateful that Mr. B. knew that to the extent that he very smartly chose a musical our Senior year that offered LOTS of parts so he could give lots of people a chance to shine.  Wise man!  And what a fun show!  It has always been one of my best memories!  The Apple Tree.  I won’t get into what it’s about here in case you don’t know…. but just suffice to say that Mr. B. was wise enough to do his best to give as many people in our class as he could their ‘moment’ on stage.    

I’m not sure that it was a struggle for me to ‘come out of my shell’ in theater, but you could say that he he helped me to do that….. easily…. or maybe provided a platform where it was easy to do it and be accepted!    I’ve always been grateful that the theater gang was my biggest circle of friends during high school.  We had a lot of fun.  And we were crazy!  All you theater people out there know what I’m talking about!  We are a crazy, fun, uninhibited group!  I have to admit…. I don’t think I’m quite as crazy- fun as I was then….. but close!

I actually still remember a few of the things we had to memorize in speech that first year!  “Lias, Lias!  Bless the Lord!”  (there’s more to it than that…..)   In fact…. I kept those things for a long time.  I lent them to a brother in law that needed some material for a speech class he was going to be teaching at a Jr. High level.  Never saw them again!  I would love copies if any of you theater friends from high school read this and still have them!

Mr. B. knew how to bring the best out of you for a performance while making it fun.  But… I do have to admit…. we knew how to frustrate the man!  (Teenagers are good at that!!)  We also knew that he meant business.  I think one of the greatest gifts you can give a person is a chance to believe in themselves and encourage them as they grow into who they are.  Mr. B. helped do that for me. He was one of the reasons that high school was a fun experience for me!

What a great man!  Even after all these years he continues on in caring about education.  He is a member of the State School Board and does a lot to make sure our children get the education they deserve!!  Thank you Kim Burningham!

I am Grateful! How are you?


2 Replies to “Mr. B”

  1. Wanda, you are the best. How great that you dedicated a blog to the most Outstanding teacher many of us were blessed with. Thanks for posting the blog, I’m so grateful that He can know how much we love him.

    For those who have not been as fortunate to have such an amazing teacher or those teachers who are looking for the best one to emulate; take a chapter out of his book of human understanding, how to reach a Childs heart and mind, and teach from the heart.

    I know there is only one Mr. Kim Burningham, but if we can all learn from his example and act on it, the world would be a better place. Bless you my forever great teacher.

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