In Laws

Today I am grateful for In Laws!  The term ‘in laws’ encompasses a lot of people.  Not just parents, but brothers and sisters too.  And I have some great in-laws… on both sides of the family!  I appreciate their examples of being such good men and women….. hardworking and loving…  so many good qualities.  And what great families they’ve had!  So many fine nieces and nephews!  How much joy they bring to so many…..   But then theirs my mother and father in law….. oh… my…. goodness!  How blessed could one person be!  What great examples they are to me.  Full of love, kindness, charity and so many more qualities…too numerous to mention!    I love them so much.  They have always been so good to us and well as each of their children.  And what fun personalities they have too!  My kids have always enjoyed  being around their Grandparents.  I’m so grateful that my father in law passed on so many of his qualities to my husband.  He’s almost 91 and his mind is still sharp!  They would both give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.  Truly no finer people!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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