Indoor Plumbing

I know…. this may be a little too close to my post on taking a shower…… but sometimes you just have to expound on similar things!

Indoor plumbing…… we use it EVERY day!!  And I think we take it for granted everyday!  Come on….. you’ve seen those old movies where you see someone standing at the pump outside filling up a bucket to take back in the house to use for….. well for a LOT of things!  Just think….. no sink with plumbing coming in….. so they had to bring in water to drink, to wash dishes with, to bath with, to clean with…. let’s see…. am I leaving anything out?  Just think about that every time you go to the sink and turn on the faucet!   How lucky are you!  And to top it off….. you can even turn the tap so that the water comes out hot!!  Oh…. my….. gosh!  We even have a hot water dispenser at our house so I can whip out a cup of hot chocolate in no time!  Talk about spoiled!  Now….. I’m not aging myself…. because I grew up in a home with indoor plumbing….. but I DO remember going camping with my parents.  Now, even though we had the ‘luxury’ of owing a trailer and then later a camper…… it still didn’t have running water.  (At least the early one didn’t)   I remember having to fill up a container at the water pump in the campground and taking it back to our campsite.  Mom would boil that water on the gas stove (which was a luxury) so we would have warm water to do the dishes or to wash up with a little.  Similar to what they had to do ‘way back when’….  BUT….. the very worst part of no indoor plumbing would be….. you guessed it!  Having to use an outhouse!  Yikes!  I guess I got to experience something similar to that when camping as a kid.  There were no bathrooms in the trailers and campers back then…. (again…..early models….).  I remember HATING to have to go to the bathroom at night!  It was always cool in the evenings in the canyon which made a trip to the ‘outhouse’ even colder!  We won’t even talk about the smell…. and the flies…….  you’re getting the picture, right?  And I only had to experience that for a few days while I was camping!  I can’t imagine living that way!  Just one more reason to be grateful that I live in a time of so many modern conveniences!!  I’ll have to admit…. I’m not much of a ‘roughing it’ fan!  I guess I’m too much of a princess!  I’m just glad that I can take care of ALL that business inside the house!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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