Do you see Sunday as the start of a week or the end of a week?  According to the calendar…. Sunday is the start of a week.  I’ve always kind of considered it the end of the week.  I’m beginning to think that the idea of it starting the week might not be a bad idea!

I love Sundays.  I love the time to recharge my spirit and take a break from other things that I may do on other days.  I don’t have a problem taking time out of my Sunday to go worship.  After all….. it is HE who gave me everything…. the least I can do is take some time to say ‘thank you’ to Him by being at His house!  And I love the feeling I get while I’m there.  The music, the spoken word, the lessons and of course getting to see people that I care about!  I just wish we had more ‘visiting’ time….. but I suppose that would detract from the spirit a little too much!  Thank heavens for weekday activities that allow more time to try and catch up and mingle a little more.  We had some leaders in our other ward that liked to hold quarterly ‘linger longer’ Sundays so that we did have time to visit.  Great idea…..but not always easy for families with small children that had just sat through 3 hours of meetings!   But I love the associations that we have with one another.

I especially love Sundays when we are able to get together as a family.  It seems that those times are getting farther and farther apart!  As my children have grown and have lives and schedules of their own, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.  If I had my way…. it would be EVERY Sunday!!  Nothing better than family gatherings on a Sunday evening!  That makes it a great reason to say Sunday starts the week!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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