Historical Fiction

The world is a library!!  Really it is….. but thankfully there are very talented people that can capture some of that world in the form of literature for us all to enjoy!  So many books…. so many topics to choose from…. so many styles.

One of my favorite kinds of books to read is fiction based on history.  I love the idea of getting so wrapped up in a character while seeing that character be a part of history.  Though the characters are sometimes fictional and some of their stories may be a combination of events that happened….. it still makes learning about history fun!  Some of the more interesting historical fiction books I have read are about WWII or the early settlement and struggles of Pioneers.  It’s amazing to me sometimes how creative some people can be in coming up with a story to surround that history.  Even if the moment of history they are writing about is a short period of time….  Just to be able to ‘create’ what it may have been like for the people involved in those events must be an exhausting feat!  Or perhaps it’s so thrilling that you don’t notice you’re exhausted!  Sometimes just these little blogs exhaust my mind!  Can’t imagine writing a book!

Today I’m thankful for people with the creativity to wrap a story around historical facts with compelling characters….. so that I can learn history without even really knowing it!  What a joy!  So what are your favorite historical fiction topics?   I am Grateful!  How are you?



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