One Month down!

This may not be a very exciting topic for my blog….. but I have officially done a daily gratitude blog for one month now!!  Whoot whoot!  My reason for starting this blog was to spend a year looking at my life from an attitude of gratitude…. to stop and notice what I am grateful for.  Stop and smell the roses so to speak.

This will seem like a silly comment…… because I have SO MUCH to be grateful for…… but some days I’ve had a hard time trying to decide what to blog on!  Really?  I can’t think of what I’m grateful for????  I think part of it is that I’ve mentioned things that seem so ‘all inclusive’ that it feels like I’m repeating myself to break it down into pieces!  But that may be what you get!  I’m hoping that this exercise will bring me to a better awareness of what I’m grateful for that doesn’t qualify as ‘things’….  Almost everything I’ve blogged about has been a ‘thing’!  There is so much more to life than possessions!  (People, of course, are a different story…..)  I guess I should refer to people as ‘things’!

But I am grateful to have made it through a whole month!  (BTW… in case you are wondering….. I started this blog the end of December…. just before Christmas…..not the 1st of Jan….)  Somedays I’ve barely made it by the skin of my nose to have my blog done ‘on time’…. in fact….one day I didn’t get it done till the next day….. but I blogged twice to make up for it!!!   Sometimes its a challenge to find the time to sit down and do it.  This coming weekend will be one of those times.  But I will do my best!!  I would welcome suggestions for gratitude topics.  Even though I should be able to come up with them on my own….  a little inspiration never hurt anyone!!  My husband says he’s proud and amazed I’ve done as well as I have.  I guess that’s something to be grateful for too!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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