Flexible co-workers

You never know what life will throw at you from day to day.  And because of that, today I am grateful for co-workers who are willing to do a little shifting around at the last minute to accommodate my schedule.

I work as a volunteer in the Jordan River Temple.  In accepting this assignment, you also accept a ‘schedule’ that is given to you to follow so you know where you are needed and when.  These schedules rotate every couple of months.  We work with different people every rotation.  This particular rotation I am in now, the ladies I am partnered with are great!   They have been so willing to switch things around between us as things come up.  Today I needed to leave early to attend a family funeral.  And…. as luck would have it…. it was my turn to rotate into a position that would require me to remain till the end of our shift.  But these Sisters lovingly switched things up with me making it so that I could get away early to get to the funeral.  As a matter of fact….it worked out so that I was actually able run home for a few minutes and take care of a few things first since my day was jam packed with things besides the funeral.  I truly appreciate their willingness to make my life easier!  I hope that I will be able to return the favor for them while we are still working together the next few weeks.  Thanks to all those wonderful volunteers that I work with (and don’t!!)  You are all awesome and will be blessed for being willing to help the Lord further His work!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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