It’s amazing how a 6 hour trip can seem so short when you are having a conversation with someone!  And to think that you could come up with things to talk about the whole time!

Today I am grateful for the ‘art’ of conversation.  My husband and I were on the road today and had some friends with us as passengers.  We literally spent the entire time talking.  I thought for sure we’d take some ‘snooze’ time and the car would be silent for a while….but no….. we continued talking the entire way!  AND….. I might add….. it was not just the females talking!  We were all engaged in conversation with each other.  There was even a time toward the end of the trip that it became conversation JUST between the men…. You know ‘man talk’….. cars… motorcycles… sports….   ‘man talk’…..  But most of the time it was pleasant talk between all of us.  It’s a good thing I like to talk!!  And it made me feel better about my hubby being behind the wheel the whole time….. at least the conversation didn’t make him drowsy!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?



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