My Bed

Ok…. So sleeping in a bed that you are not used to is NOT my favorite thing!  I’m usually ok for a few nights….but then the body starts saying….. “NO! Put me back in the bed I’m used to!”

It’s actually probably way past time for us to buy a new mattress….. but then I’d have to break a new one in!  Not sure I want to do that…. Yet.  How often should you replace your mattress, anyway?  I wish I could remember exactly what year we bought our current one.  I remember WHY we had to get a new mattress!  Do you remember those floatation water beds?  They looked like a regular bed that you used regular sheets on… but they had a water ‘bladder’ in the middle of them.  One night while we were sleeping….I woke up feeling a little wet on my back and wondered if I was ‘sweating’….  Only to realize that the bed was leaking and we were actually quite drenched…. Not just wet!!  It just happened to be my birthday… guess what I got for a birthday present that day!  You guessed it… a new mattress!  We’ve had our mattress ever since and I honestly don’t remember how long ago that was!  But it has become my friend…. I like sleeping in my own bed!  Hotel beds are not always the best.  Though the one we are sleeping in right now isn’t terrible…..(I’ve had worse)…. It’s still a little firm for my comfort and I miss my bed!  Today I’m grateful that I have a bed I enjoy sleeping in…. but I will have to miss it for another night!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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