Do you find that at times in you’re life you’re much more receptive to learning than at other times?  I think we go through stages where we are more prepared to listen and learn than other times.  Perhaps when we aren’t ready it’s because we are too busy with ‘life’ to take the time to learn, even though we may want to.  Raising families can be a challenge.  Working 40+ hours a week can tax our brains and make us too tired to learn.  But there always seems to be a time when you want it……. so you make time for it.

I’ve been very blessed all my married life to not have the 9-5 grind to go to everyday.  I was able to stay home and raise my kids.  I had a couple of businesses that took up my time in a different way, but for the most part I’ve been blessed to be able to set my own schedule.

Now I have a new business that is still allowing me that same schedule.  I guess you could refer to it as ‘freedom of time’.  With that ‘freedom’… I took the opportunity to get some training for my current business this weekend.  I truly believe I am at a stage in my life when I am relishing the learning.

That being said….. it’s hard to believe that most of what I experienced this weekend would not be something that most people would have enjoyed.  I am so blessed to be involved with a company that has the most incredible leadership I have ever seen.  I can’t write fast enough when they speak.  Truly inspiring and motivating.  They inspire me to be my best and to know that what I have to offer through my business is valuable.  Very valuable.

Though this sounds a little pretentious….. one of the most valuable things they anyone could ever know about.  I am grateful for that knowledge.  Grateful for the training that helps me know the importance of my service.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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