Those who dedicate their lives to an occupation of service are truly amazing.  In particular today, a nursing or care taker position…… whether held by a professional or done by a family member….. service is something that takes a lot of time.

I really should try to get out to see my Mom more often than I do…..  30 miles isn’t that far away….   Mom called me this morning and asked if I was planning on coming out to do her laundry today.  She is in an assisted living center and refuses to let them do her laundry.  They can do her bedding and towels…. but as far as her clothing…. no way.  Has to be done her way.  She has given me that ‘assignment’ the last several months.  I think she’s afraid I won’t come out and see her if I don’t have some duty attached to my visit.  Though that’s not true…. it does make me commit to a certain day or two to get out there.  Today, however, she needed me to come right away.  She’s been battling a bladder infection…again….. and the medications she’s been on had made her sick to her stomach, which of course included all the fun things that comes with that and she needed me to come do the laundry…. NOW….

No.... this isn't my Mom... just a pic to help the post

So I had to help her much more today than I normally do when I visit.   She just turned 89, and is still suffering from the effects of a stroke a few years back which makes it difficult for her to get in and out of her chair on a good day.  Put diabetes on top of that and you understand why she struggles.  Today was not a good day.  She was growing a little weak from not being able to keep much down.  It gave me the opportunity to be more helpful.  It makes me realize how much those nurses in the assisted living center have to go through.  Sometimes I’m sure it’s not a pleasant job.  It also made me remember how much I appreciate all that my sister does for my Mom.  She’s the one that has been there the most for her.  She knows all her meds and routines and pretty much everything else.  If Mom ever has to be in the hospital for something, she is right there making sure they don’t administer something to her that she knows she can’t handle, etc.  We’ve come to learn over the years which meds she reacts to.  It’s a lot of work knowing all that and being there tirelessly.

So today I’m grateful for service.  Grateful I had the opportunity to be of service to my Mom…. even though it was only a few hours…. grateful for the girls at the assisted living center who care for her and grateful for my family, particularly my sister who makes sure she has what she needs.  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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