The Sun

Ah…. the Sun!!  Can you see it from where you are right now???  What a delight!  Even though it’s extremely cold outside right now…… it’s such a pleasure to see it’s rays shining down and reflecting off the windows of the homes behind me!  Let’s me know that Spring is at hand….. one of my favorite seasons!

When the sky is dismal, it’s easy to feel a little depressed….. especially when there is inversion with it!  When we came home from Vegas this weekend it was depressing!  We drove up over the point of the mountain into Salt Lake County and wham!!!  Really BAD inversion!  I wanted to turn around and head south to St. George again!!  (Someday soon I’ll be able to do that….. cause we will own a second home down there!!)  It really was a discouraging site!  But we trudged on towards home…… at least I had my own bed waiting for me!  And we got to see our puppy again….. so things are always good at home, even though it may be dismal outside.

But today….. beautiful!  Encouraging….. it makes me know that there is always ‘light at the end of the tunnel’….. always hope…. always better things ahead.  Just like the picture I inserted with this post….. the Sun will always break through!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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