Hot Irons

Hmmm…. what does she mean by that?  Is that what you are thinking??  I guess there could be a few things that one might consider to be a ‘hot iron’…. including… well… a hot iron!  But today I refer to curling apparatuses.   While I currently only use a flat iron, I have in the past used curling irons in many sizes and also crimping irons.  Remember the good old crimping irons?  I think I may have used one on myself a few times….but it was mostly for my daughter.

Kinda reminds me of Cyndi Lauper...

I believe that was a big rage in the 80’s…. crimped hair.  Can you just see those 80’s pop girls in there crazy outfits with the crimped hair with part of it pulled up in a scrunchy!  Ha ha…   makes me kinda giggle to think about it.  Do you still have your crimping iron?  Come one…. admit it…. you might need it for an 80’s party somewhere!  Or is the style coming back???

I do enjoy my flat iron.  I’m amazed that as ‘straight’ as my hair naturally is, that I still need to use a flat iron to make it look good.  Just gives it that sleek look.  Isn’t it amazing, really, when you think about how far things have come as far as the process of curling or flattening your hair goes?

I had one very similar to this... I just slept in it!

I remember washing and setting my hair in curlers and then sleeping with a blow dryer on my hair all night to get it dry!  Anyone else remember having a blow dryer with a cap on it that fit your head?  What a pain!

The there’s my friend who had natrually curly hair and hated it!  We used to use a real iron to help her iron her hair straight!  This was obviously a procedure that took more than one person…… crazy!

I’ll settle for the modern convenience of flat irons and curling irons….. they make life much easier!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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