Mild Weather

That may seen like a strange topic to be thankful for in February…… but my friend just sent me photos of some snowfall in ND.  It made me realize how mild our weather has been in comparison.

This is only one of many unbelievable pictures I received!

Remember a few weeks ago when everything seemed to get cancelled because we thought we were going to get bombarded with this huge snow storm?  Well…. I think it passed us by for the Midwest and East coast!  Crazy what’s going on back there and it’s even colder than it’s been here!!  Flights cancelled….. airports closed…..which affects much more than just people trying to get on the flight….. how about air mail, etc….. It seems to be a domino effect!  (Maybe that’s why I haven’t received that order from Amazon….. huh…I just realized it never came!)

Now that's enough snow to worry about a roof collapsing!

My post a few days ago mentioned that I’m grateful for ‘warmth’….. but really in comparison to the pictures I just received….. I’m grateful we haven’t had those extreme weather conditions to deal with!  Just trying to keep on top of all that snow with shoveling and plowing….. is a little overwhelming to thing about.  Sheez!  Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when this stuff starts to melt????   Holy cow….. let’s pray their Spring comes on slowly!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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