In a world where it becomes harder and harder to put your trust in someone or something…. I’m grateful that there are still people and things that we can trust in!

The last few days I have had the opportunity to work with a friend whom I trust very much and I believe that that trust is reciprocated.   When you’ve established that kind of relationship with someone, you know you can believe in what they tell you and that they will back that up.   I’ve been learning lately about a concept.  Imagine a vertical line on a page.  On the left hand side we would place doubt or fear…. as you trust and start to believe what you hear or see, you move toward the center of that line to a place we call hope.  Sometimes we teeter back and forth between doubt and hope….. we need more evidence…. something more to help us believe…..  But then…. with time and experience, things happen to move us to the extreme right of the line to belief.  The movement along this line can only come with trust and faith in what or whom you are working with.  Today I experienced a friend take that trust in me and move toward the center of the line to hope.  Hope in what I was sharing with them.  Hope that it is exactly what I am saying it is.  With that hope and trust in me, they made a decision to move toward some action that will help move them further along that line to belief.  It will take some time.  Often it does.  We are a skeptical world.  But it will happen.  I’m grateful for the trust they showed in me and look forward to making that trust go deeper by being there for them in any way I can as they move along that line from doubt, to hope to belief.   Its an exciting journey!  I am Grateful!  How are you?


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