Time Out

Interesting day.  Not at all what I would have expected to happen.  So…. I’m grateful to have taken some ‘time out’ to get away from it.  You know…. sort of like counting to 10…. only you actually leave the situation instead.

My hubby and I came to St. George for the weekend for him to play some softball with the team he plays with during the summer in Salt Lake.  It is great to get away from the cold weather and come down to the sun shine and warmer weather!  (Though I still needed to wear a jacket, cause I’m a wimp!)   Today’s games were just more like preliminary games.  No stress…. not really important as far as ‘winning’ the tournament.  Unfortunately, there are only 4 teams in the whole tournament, so the games today were more for playing ball because we like to play ball…. not to decide seating positions for the tournament.  Anyway….. of the 4 teams, 3 are from the Salt Lake league we play in.  Only 1 team is from St. George.  Each team played against each other today, and our team was the last team to play the team from St. George.  As we started the 1st inning, we were confronted with a situation and were told they were playing a different set of rules then we had played all day long… which caused a few people to get… well…. upset.  VERY upset.  Like yelling and making smart aleck comments and calling each other names…not a comfortable situation to be in.  Our team is usually VERY laid back and easy going…. but this ‘misunderstanding’ really set some of our team members off…. and a few of the spectators in the stands.  A couple of those spectators being female and the wives of some of our players.  Have you ever just wished you could melt into the wall and disappear?  That’s how I felt this afternoon.  I happened to be the only other person in the bleachers at the time this one woman spouted off at the mouth and I could have just died of embarrassment for her and our team!  Our team almost walked off the field all together.  Most of them stayed, though not in the best spirits.  Except my husband and one other team member.  My husband does NOT like conflict.  After trying to kindly ask people to ‘settle down’ and ‘let’s just figure this out’ …..and then being yelled at by this woman and the fighting still going on…. he just walked off the field and we left the park.  It takes a lot to get him angry…. but he was getting that way from the way everyone was acting…. so instead of being a part of it… he left.  Not a typical thing for him to do… but under the circumstances, very understandable.  Especially if you know him.  So…. we took a “time out’….. we went for a drive for a while and then came back (out of uniform, I might add…) to see the end of  the game.  And from what I heard….. it sounded like they all should have taken a time out!  Though the game was completed….  it was not the most pleasant game they had ever played.  And honestly…. this is a team who is always cheerful and fun to be around!  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day since we will have had the whole evening for a time out!   It’s water under the bridge now…. let’s just ‘play ball’!   I am Grateful! How are you?


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