My hubby still plays softball

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “He still plays ball at his age?” when talking to someone about my husband.  YES!!  He does!!  And I’m grateful!  Grateful for many reasons.  First of all, that he is healthy enough to play softball and secondly, that he is still able to do something that he dearly loves!  How great is that!

My cute hubby taking a swing at the ball

Then there’s the fact that on occasion it takes us out of town for a softball tournament….. just a little chance to get away!  But the best part for me personally is all of the friends I have made because of it.  Both male and female, but particularly the women.  The softball team he plays on is made up of a group of guys that are really great.  And so are their wives.  It’s such a pleasure to sit in the stands and visit with some pretty amazing women.  The members of this team are strung across the Wasatch Front and beyond…. from as far north as Hooper to all the way south in Payson and then even one that drives all the way from Price, UT!  Now, that’s spread out!  But what great people!  It’s so fun to not only have a great time in the stands cheering the team on, but then to turn around and go to dinner or a movie or to Iceberg together….. just so we can continue to socialize!

We have connections to get a great deal on some condos in St. George when we are down there and so we ask team members to come share the condo with us.  Its MUCH nicer than a hotel room and a lot cheaper by the time you split the cost!  That should say a lot for how well we all get along…. to actually want to share a condo!   We have a good time too.  The women have fun chatting and so do the men.  And all because my hubby still plays softball ‘at his age!”

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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