Valentine’s Day

Ok…. it’s cheezy….. but I’m still grateful for Valentine’s day!  It’s a chance to tell your loved ones how much you love them in a BIG way!  And by big…. I don’t mean in ‘things’….. I mean in your actions and words and thoughts.

We’ve never been big gift givers to each other.  Mostly, I guess, because it’s usually a finance thing.  Plus, as I said…. love isn’t really expressed through ‘things’.  Things are nice.  Things can get you other things……  but that’s truly not what counts.  Now that my husband is retired… we have the opportunity to spend the entire day together.  This day didn’t start as one would hope a Valentine’s day would start…..  The day started by hubby making arrangements for our car to be picked up by a tow truck.  We had a little car trouble on the way home from St. George yesterday.  A problem with my car that had been on a recall list and we just hadn’t gotten around to taking care of it.  We were going to do it last week and didn’t get it done before we left… and wouldn’t you know it?  The thing broke on the way home!  Luckily, it was something that was still ‘drivable’…. barely…. but John didn’t want to drive it to the dealership that way (steering problem…. not much fun to drive).  So we used our AAA insurance and had it towed.  But…. later in the day when it was done…. I got to go drool over the car I want…. then we went to an early dinner and a movie and came home for dessert… (Ice cream and Fudge topping!!!!)  So, other than me taking a couple of hours to go visiting teaching this morning… we spent the whole day together and have just enjoyed each others company this evening.  How many of you out there have had the luxury of having your sweetheart with you the whole day?  I know…. I’m lucky!  (It’s a good thing I love him so much!)

So, while the world may think Valentine’s day is about flowers and candy and jewelry and such….. for me it’s just about spending time together.  (Though I wouldn’t feel bad if I got some discounted flowers tomorrow…. wink, wink!)  I’m content to spend the day with my sweetheart…..  As a matter of fact….. it’s almost like Valentines day everyday at our house!!  That’s the one of the perks of being ‘retired’!  BTW, Honey….. I love you with all my heart!  Thanks for being my bests friend and sweetheart!  I’m very blessed!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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