Washers and Dryers

Once again….. modern technology makes our jobs much easier!!  I vaguely remember seeing an old ringer washer…. vaguely…..  I was pretty young when they were still around.  And most of them were pretty old then!  For as long as I can remember we had an automatic washer and dryer… I really don’t remember my Mom using anything else.  I do remember, however, that in the summer time she wouldn’t use the dryer at all….. clothes would be hung out in the fresh air to dry. (That’s when we still had fresh air….)  I could spend a whole blog or more talking about the fun I had with those old clothes lines….. maybe I will sometime!

Too much work for me! But I'm sure they thought they were pretty darn cool!

I think the older models of washers and dryers took a much longer time to do the laundry than now a days.  I can’t even imagine what  people had to go through before 1930 or so to do laundry!  It must have been an all day job!  And probably a little harder on the clothes in some ways.  I can’t imagine that using a wash board to scrub your clothes would make the fabric hold out for long.

Today, I did my Mom’s laundry for her.  She isn’t well enough to do it for herself anymore…. so I get to pay her back for all the time she did mine as I was growing up.  But it really doesn’t take me long.  Maybe an hour and 1/2 at the most…. and that’s with some visiting in between.  I have to walk down to a big laundry room to switch from the washer to the dryer, so I don’t always get there the minute the washing machine finishes.  Sometimes I’m too busy visiting with her, or just being with her as she sleeps…. like she did today.  But that’s ok.  At least the convenience of the automatic washer and dryer make it so that I can throw the clothes in and walk away and do other things while the machines do the work.  My life is much easier because of these modern inventions!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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