Can you imagine what it would be like with out a way to capture those precious moments?  How many times have you been caught saying…”If only I had a camera with me!”…..

Now a days….. it’s hard to go anywhere without some kind of a camera.  If you own a cell phone…. you most likely have a camera in it.  Not all cell phone cameras are great…. that’ for sure….but it’s better than nothing, right?  My kids have iphones…. they seem to take excellent pictures.  My phone camera is not so great… but it captures the moment if needed.  But the things cameras can do now….it’s crazy!  My daughter’s boyfriend has quite the camera.  (or should I say she does….since she’s the one that carries it around!)  It’s pretty amazing what that little gadget will do.  Never ceases to amaze me!

But regardless of how fancy or not the camera is…. it’s what it captures that is priceless!  So many moments in life are precious and I know I have failed terribly in getting some of those moments on film (or on an SD card as the case may be)  I’ve often wondered if cameras had been as easy to carry around as they are now…. would I have taken more pictures of my kids growing up?  Probably…. but it’s also the way you can store pictures now… not printed out in and laying around in a million packages of developed film that still needs to be sorted and probably scanned so that they can  more easily be enjoyed.  Once again, today…. the modern versions of what was once considered such an exciting new invention, makes the old kind look like antiques!  Which…. I guess they are!  I believe there are still people out there that actually still use film in a camera…..!  It’s an art that takes a lot of talent to capture a picture correctly without all the fancy automatic settings.  But those that are trained at it…. in either form…. old or new…. make it so that we have photos to treasure for a lifetime!  Thank you to all you brilliant photographers!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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