Happy Brides

Today has been a day full of fun and laughs and smiles and spirituality…..  what a combination…. but so worth it!

I don’t remember ever witnessing a wedding where the Bride was SO happy!!  What a cute couple…. and the way that look at each other is so typical of a young couple madly in love!  Brings back lots of memories!  What ever happens to that spark???  I really do love my husband much more deeply after 32 years than I did when I got married….. but darn that old spark thing!  I would love to have a tenth of the spark back I witnessed today! (It would probably be more than I could handle!)

Besides being a beautiful Bride with a gorgeous smile….. she was genuinely happy today!  The ceremony took place in the temple today, so I felt privileged to be there and listen to the council given….. some of which I had to write down later because I thought it was so great….  But the very best part was being seated in a place where I had a prefect view of her face the entire time.

Just a glimpse at the happy couple

To watch the anticipation and the joy touched my heart.  My favorite part of the ceremony was when he pronounced them husband and wife and said they could now kiss across the alter.  Usually that’s done in almost a timid way by the couple….. but not this time!  She took both of her hands, grabbed his face and pulled it across the alter toward herself and planted a BIG kiss on him!  It was the cutest thing ever!  I think that image will be forever imprinted in my mind!  This young lady was so excited to be married that she could hardly contain herself!

The rest of the day wasn’t much different….  the sparkle in her eyes at the luncheon and through the entire reception.  Then there was the Daddy – Daughter dance.  You could see there was a very special relationship there.  I left before the couple took off for the evening…. but I’m sure there was smiles all around and much anticipation to start their life together.  So thank you Camrie and John for making this a delightful day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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