Juicy Steaks

Ok…. I admit it…..  I love beef!  I am definitely NOT a vegetarian.  I have nothing against them… I’m just not one of them!  I like vegetables…. in fact I love most vegetables….  I just like to have my meat every now and then.  Mostly chicken and some fish…. but a delicious steak is a wonderful treat!

The whole ‘diet’ war can be confusing, right?  I’ve tried several of them and I have to admit… the ones I seem to do the best on include beef.  There are so many different opinions on what you should and shouldn’t eat!  I’m finding, that eating healthy whole unprocessed foods is the best bet.  All things in moderation, however….

Back to the juicy steak!  We went to Texas Road House tonight with a couple of friends and I ordered the 6 oz sirloin.  Just a small piece of meat…. but delicious!  Great flavor…tender…. juicy…..  etc, etc, etc!   I think I would do that one again!  And the portion size of a 6 oz steak is about the right size without going overboard.  I wish I knew better how to cook a great steak at home!  While I know that the cut can make a difference in the flavor…. I believe the seasoning and how it’s cooked  has a lot to do with it!  Anyone out there know how to make a steak as good and tasty as the restaurants?  I’d be happy to have you teach me!  I’ll also except suggestions on where to get the best and juiciest steaks….. Texas Road House is on my list…. but I know there are other places.  Beef eaters confess!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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