Classic Tales

In this case…. of Two Cities…!  What a beautiful show and done so superbly by the cast and the director!  I have to confess…. I’ve never read the Dickens classic…. though some of the famous lines definitely were familiar to me.  Thouroughly enjoyed the experience at Hale Theater today.

I am always amazed at how an author can take a classic book and put it on stage (and even with music)…. and tell the tale in such a beautiful way.  I’m sure for all you die hard fans that have read the book….. you will find things missing from the story…. as is the case with most interpretations.   It’s never quite the same.  Some adaptions will find certain parts of the story more important than others.  Take Pride and Prejudice as an example.  How many different versions of that story are out there on film?  And yet…. none of them have quite the same take on the story…. but the general story is told.  Another example is Phantom of the Opera.  I suppose the liberty in how the story is told comes in how old the material is…. if it has become public domain, then the adaption can take a few more liberties.   Having not read “Tale of Two Cities”… I can’t really comment on whether liberties were taken in telling the story I saw today or not… but what I saw was a beautiful and moving story.  So many wonderful messages to be taken from the characters.  Meaningful messages.  Which I suppose was Dickens whole point in writing it.  It actually made me want to read the book.  Of course…. I said the same thing after I saw Les Miserable and never read it either….  but I loved the show and the message!

I’m grateful for the beautiful job done by the cast members of TOTC at Hale Theater.  Grateful to them for telling me a story I had never read in such a moving way.  Thanks guys!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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