Karen Carpenter

My cousin just posted a video of Karen Carpenter singing “Superstar”….. one of my favorites of hers.  I realized as I made a comment on his post how grateful I am for her!

Karen Carpenter was truly my idol.  Here’s another thing I’m grateful for….. you know how we all want to sing like our idols?  The challenge of singing like her was a whole lot easier on the voice than say trying to sing like Celine Dion or Mariah Carey…..  The expectations of singers now a days is a much more difficult form of singing.  At least to do correctly without damaging your voice.  Hence, why I’m grateful it was Karen Carpenter I was trying to sound  like…..  a much easier task on the vocal chords!

I love her smooth and natural sound.  It’s the kind of voice you could listen to all day and not get tired of.  Some singers voices can make you a little weary in the ears after just a few numbers… but not Karen.   I thought I had all her albums growing up…. but I’ve since learned of a few I didn’t know about, plus a few that were made after I was collecting them…. but I still think I’m pretty familiar with most of her music.

What an awful day it was the day she left us!  I was pretty distraught.  So sad to loose such a talented person to such an awful thing.  It’s so sad when a persons self-image is so tied up with how much they weigh.  I mean… I’ll admit…. I prefer being thinner too and have done some extreme dieting in the past… but nothing to that extent.  I like food too much to go that far!  It breaks my heart to think that such a talented young life came to an early end because of such an awful disease that possibly could have been prevented if people weren’t so critical of others.

I feel I have been blessed with a fairly nice voice.  And the kind of music that Karen sang is the kind I prefer to sing…. easy to sing…. easy to listen to!  I have had people tell me that they think I sound like Karen Carpenter…. which is the highest compliment someone could pay me… in my book!!  Just so you all know…. I’ve already reserved my space next to Karen Carpenter in the alto section of the heavenly choir…I’m going to sing with her sometime come hell or high water!!  (Pretty sure it will have to be the high water since I’m positive that she didn’t go to hell!)  And let me add as a side note…. that while I believe Karen Carpenter was one of the finest voices this world will ever know…. her brother Richard is also extremely talented.  Singing may not have been his forte…. but the boy can arrange and write and play the piano like a true pro!  I’m always amazed as I listen closely to arrangements and piano solos.  Try going to youtube and watching some of the clips from their old TV specials.  Ta..aa aal… lent!  I recently found a CD that has some of those old television special arrangements on it.  Great stuff!

So I give a huge shout out to my idol, Karen Carpenter today!  It’s been 28 years this month since the world lost your beautiful voice….but it will forever live on in our hearts and memories and ipods!!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “Karen Carpenter”

  1. Love this post! I echo every single word. How I wish I could sing like her. I did have people say that I looked a little like her. I took that as a compliment. I was devastated when she died. I was confined to bed with a pregnancy (our daughter, Valerie, whose birthday is in a week) and saw every news report about it. I still mourn her loss. One of the sweetest things the Young Single Adults did in their final farewell branch party for us in the Philippines was sing and dance to her “Top of the World.” They Filipinos love Karen Carpenter. She is in every karaoke machine. I love your posts and admire your tenacity to stay with this new habit more than you know. So glad we’re friends!

  2. Thanks, Gayle! It has been a real challenge some days! So much to be thankful for….but when you want to ‘write’ something about it….. it seems to get stuck in the head sometimes! And so often I’m thankful for the things I’ve already posted. Just trying to come up with 365 different things!

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