I had a quick question to ask a friend of mine.  I was about to send her a FB message and hope that I would get an answer fairly quickly.  I looked down at my ‘chat’ area on FB and saw I had 33 friends online at that moment. (We’re all addicted…. aren’t we???)  She happened to be online just then…. so I shot her off a quick question right there!  And guess what!  She answered!

What a world this is to have instant messaging.  Arguably there would be people out there that would say…. what ever happened to a good old phone call?  While I wholeheartedly agree that nothing will ever replace a voice to voice communication…. sometimes a quick message is all you need.  Though we took the opportunity to laugh and chat about a few other things for a few minutes…. it was nice to quickly connect with her, get my question answered and within a few minutes move on to other things.  I actually was getting dinner ready while I ‘chatted’ with her too….   I guess we can multitask while on the phone too…. but I was glad I was able to do both while chatting.  One thing about chatting vs. speaking on the phone….. sometimes we get carried away in a real live conversation and can spend much more time on the phone than we had planned.  Happens to me a LOT!   So….today I’m grateful that a friend was available for a quick friendly chat!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


4 Replies to “Chat”

  1. I chat with someone from Kenya or the Philippines almost every day. Some of these chats I would consider sacred experiences, even. In this way, my missions continue from home. I AM GRATEFUL!

    1. We used Skype all the time on our mission. We don’t always Skype with people from our missions because almost all of them use cybercafes. I did Skype with someone in rural Africa two days ago. He lives in a small branch out where a lot of the people live in mud houses! He studied computers and does have his own laptop. Amazing!

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