Sweet Potato Fries

Hmmm …. hmmmm.  I’m a fan of Sweet potato fries.  I remember the first time I tasted them.  I was with my Mom and had stopped to get dinner at Rumbi.  We ordered their mixed fries that had both regular fries and sweet potato fries.  I liked the sweet potato fries much better than the regular fries.  I thought…. what a novel idea?  Who would have thought to turn sweet potatoes into fries!

Several years later I found a bag of sweet potato fries in the freezer section at Costco and got pretty excited!  Now I can make them on my own!  But, honestly….. they are not quite as good as the ones from the restaurants.  Probably because I bake them rather than fry them!  But they are still good.  ( I would love hints on how to get them crisper when baking….)

My very favorite sweet potato fries???  Smashburger Smashfries!  I love the olive oil and rosemary that they toss them with!  They are so good!  That’s one of the reasons I like to eat there.  Tonight we stopped at Smashburger for dinner and, of course, ordered Sweet Potato Smashfries.  When they came to our table and I began to dig in… I knew something was wrong.  I asked my husband if he had ordered the Smashfries wondering if maybe they had an option for regular fries with out the oil and rosemary.  When I went back and looked at the menu…. it appeared that the Smashfries way was the only way they came.  So I asked one of the employees about it and he came to our table and said, “Those don’t look right”…. so he took them back and ordered us a fresh new batch.  Funny thing is, when he ordered them I heard him say to the cooks, “Do you know how to make these?” I thought it was kind of funny.  So, not only did we get a new batch of yummy Sweet Potato Smashfries tossed in delicious olive oil and rosemary…. but we got a coupon for a free Smashburger for our next trip!  I love it when they make it right with you when they make a boo boo.  I’ve had that happen at other restaurants too and they go out of their way to fix it and make it better.  That’s good customer service!  Looks like I’ll be heading back to Smashburger soon!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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