Self Serve Yogurt

My first experience with self serve yogurt was about a year and a half ago when some friends of ours took us to a place called KRAVE in St. George.  We were down there for the Senior Games and went over to spend some time with our friends that live in St. George.  After spending a few hours at their house playing some competitive card games and a little Mexican Train Dominos…. we decided to end the evening with a treat and that’s when we were introduced to the concept of self serve yogurt.

It’s a dangerous thing to get hooked on!  I do love the fact that you can build your own yogurt by choosing your flavor and then adding all the toppings you want.  The danger comes in approaching the cash register and weighing your creation in order to calculate how much you owe for this concoction!  You think you are doing so well by choosing only fresh fruit and nuts (ok…. a few yogurt chips too…) and then you get to the counter and place it on the scale and whamo!  That $.38 an oz doesn’t sound so good any more!  We spent about $5.00 each for our creations.  I guess it’s good thing that we didn’t pick the ‘heavy ‘ toppings!  Actually, when you think about it…. I guess it’s really not anymore expensive than those specialty ice cream shops like Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins.  At least at Krave they have a ‘punch’ card you can fill up and get a free one after you buy 10!  I’m not aware of those other places doing that!

One of the best parts of visiting Krave tonight was seeing our picture flash on the TV screen behind the cash register!  When we were down here last Oct. for the Senior Games…. we brought a bunch of the softball team members with us to get some yogurt and they asked if they could take our picture.  They do that quite often.  They take random pictures of their customers and then they put them in their computer and it randomly plays a slide show of all the pictures they’ve taken.  And I mean random.  We saw our picture as we went up to the cash register to pay and then sat down and watched the screen for another 20 minutes or so as we ate our yogurt and it never came on again!!  Several other pictures that had been up came on again…. but not ours!  How weird is that that we happened to approach the counter just as our picture came on and then never again?  Weird, huh?

Krave is a fun place to visit ….. with great yogurt and toppings and a family friendly wall of ‘acrylic’ that becomes a giant chaulk board for its customers!  You should try it sometime!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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