Salt in Wounds

I know what you are thinking……  Is she crazy?  Probably.  At least at times I wonder my self!  But I really am grateful for Salt in wounds!

Let me clarify a little.  I love to use Salt Scrubs.  I make my own…. it’s much cheaper that way….  and I love the way they make my skin feel.  So soft and fresh.  BUT…. occasionally, I will have a cut or a scrap or sore of some kind and when you do….. you REALLY know you are using salt scrub!  It definitely stings for a minute….. or two….  but as you rinse the salt away…. the area feels great.  It’s quite soothing, once the burning stops.  We have a hand held shower head as part of our shower system…. so putting that warm water directly on the wound to rinse off the salt feels so good.  What does the salt do to the wound?  Well…. from what I can find on the internet and from my own real life experience…. the salt helps to cleanse and dry the wound so it can heal faster.  Though it hurts for a while…. the healing process is quicker.

As I was showering this morning and rinsing off the ‘sting’ of the salt…. I started thinking about how we can compare the old ‘salt in the wound’ phrase to life.  Very often in our lives we can get hurt.  Not physically…. but emotionally.  Emotional pains are real.  Very often the healing of those pains is a slow process.  But what if we do get ‘salt in the wound’ of that emotional pain?  It stings and feels worse for a time…..  but how do we come out on the other side of that sting?  Are we emotionally cleaner…. ready to heal more quickly?  Any kind of a cleansing is usually beneficial for us.  Making us stronger and a better person.  Softer, fresher…. yet in some ways tougher.  Though rubbing salt in the wound will not result in an immediate healing of the wound…. it does do the wound good…. after the stinging stops!  So, just remember….. when someone seems to be rubbing salt into your wound….. it will eventually feel better and you’ll be a better person for it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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