2 Down 10 to Go

I’m really hoping this doesn’t become a habit at the end of a month…… but once again…. I’ve made it through another month of blogging everyday….. and considering I’ve had some out of town trips in there… (3 to be exact)…. that’s a pretty amazing thing!  Thank heavens for a lap top and wi-fi!

I made a list of all my blog topics so that I could review what I’ve blogged about and also in an effort to try to NOT blog about the same topic.  In looking over this list….. I have come close to blogging about the same thing a couple of times!  Sheez!  You’d think it would be easier than that…. really!  Perhaps one of the things I need to learn from this is to be more observant…. maybe a little detailed oriented.  I try to make each day’s blog be about something that I’ve noticed that day or within a short period of time.  Maybe my life is too mundane with the same activities day in and day out for me to see new things!  Still no excuse, right?  I’ll get it figured out along the way.  I am grateful that I have gotten this far and that this challenge is making me stretch…. and remember!  That’s all good!  I will just take it one day at a time and try to learn what I can from each day.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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