Getting off my Butt!

Who would have thought I’d be grateful for such a thing!!  I spend a lot of time on my computer….  probably too much time…. but I do a lot of my business that way, so I’m on it a lot.  Which means I am sitting a lot.  In my easy chair….with my laptop.  Why would I want to move, right?

Well.. actually….. with the back trouble I’ve had the last couple of weeks…. I wasn’t getting much else done.  At least that’s my excuse!  Now that I am feeling better…. I don’t have much of an excuse!  It’s a matter of priority.  Since we had company coming over tonight, I felt it a little necessary to get up and clean the house a little.  Plus it’s time to haul out the Spring decor!!  I was going to do that last week but…. (refer to my previous statement as to why that didn’t happen…)!

It felt great to get out of my easy chair and clean up!  Though I wasn’t able to do ‘Spring Cleaning”…. which my house desperately needs…. at least I was able to clean the floors and do the dishes, etc, etc,… AND put out the Spring/Easter decor!  The house looks much fresher now.  I love having Holiday/Seasonal decor around.  It’s festive!  Besides the cleaning that got done…. I got quite a bit done for my business too!  It was refreshing to ‘get off my butt’ and do it!

In case you missed a post I made on FB yesterday….  here it is again: “You can’t make Footprints in the Sands of time while you’re sitting on your butt….. and nobody wants to make Butt prints in the Sands of Time! –Bob Moawad So hopefully today wasn’t spent making too many Butt prints in the Sand of Time!!  It felt good making Footprints instead!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Eye Sight

I guess I can’t really say enough about being grateful for my eye sight….. even thought it’s not the best right now and I get a little frustrated with that….. I still have eye sight, and I’m grateful!

A few years ago I had lasik surgery on my right eye.  Since I am nearsighted, we decided to only correct one eye for distance and leave the other eye alone so I could still see things close up without glasses.  At the time, I could still focus up close fairly well.  For those of you that don’t know…. this is called Mono-vision.   It’s amazing how the brain adapts to what you are looking at and knows which eye to focus out of.  Though mono-vision doesn’t give you the clearest vision possible…. it’s still pretty good.  The problem I have been facing is dry eye.  When my eyes are dry and tired….. my vision is much worse than normal.  And on days when I get up very early, like today….. by late afternoon, my vision is much worse.  Hence…. where the frustration comes in!

I did have the doctor give me a prescription for glasses that would correct my left eye so that I could drive a little more safely at night and also when my eyes are tired….. but they still seem to not correct it enough….. at least not so that it’s crystal clear.  I like 20/20 or better vision, and I haven’t had that for a while!

I remember the first time I got glasses when I was in Jr. High.  I had no idea I needed glasses…. I could see just fine… I thought.  Then the day I walked out of the optometrist office with my new glasses on, and it was like opening a whole new world to me!  I still remember looking across the street at a big old tree and saying “I can see all the individual leaves on that tree!”  I was so amazed!  Then I stepped off the curb!  LOL  Have you ever done that with a new prescription and a new pair of glasses ??  You’re brain hasn’t yet adjusted to this new vision you have and your perception is a little off.  It’s pretty humorous….. but it doesn’t take long for the brain to adjust.

While I may need corrective lenses or corrective surgery to have better vision….. at least I have that option!  I am grateful that I can see as well as I do and that I don’t have to miss out on all the wonderful things the world has to offer!  I see trees of green, red roses too………..What a wonderful world it is!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


I may regret somewhere down the road being so general by choosing Nuts as a topic…. I may wish I had only picked one kind so I could blog about others!

I am ‘nutty’ about nuts!  Pretty much all kinds of nuts.  I may have to verify that here in a minute…. but I do like nuts.  I’m going to venture out and say that almonds are my favorite.  Especially fresh raw almonds.  My favorite place to acquire them is in the Fall in St. George.  Each October we go down to the Senior Games so my hubby can play soft ball.  In the first few days of the games…. there is a guy who sells fresh raw California almonds out of the back of his truck.  He sells the large ziplock bags stuffed full of them for $20 a piece.  I’m all over that!  That’s actually a great price for that many nuts.   In fact, last year we bought 2 bags for ourselves.  We just barely finished off the second bag…..  which means I may need to buy 4 this coming Fall to get me through the year!  “But, how do they stay fresh?” you say….. well…. you freeze them!!  I just pull what I need out of the freezer and the rest of them stay wonderfully fresh.  De-lish!!

Next it’s a toss up between cashews and macadamia nuts.  Again…. I love them raw.  A year or so ago you used to be able to buy a bag of mixed raw nuts from Sam’s club.  I don’t know why they quit carrying it because it was so good!  It had almonds, cashews, macadamia, brazil nuts, and walnuts.  It was such a good healthy snack!  I almost dropped my Sam’s membership when they quit carrying them!

Nuts are good for you.  For a long time there was controversy over that idea.  For a while there, we were told that the fat inside nuts is TOO fattening and not good for you.  Yeah…. right…. just like our Mother’s were told that formula is better for baby than breast milk!! WHATEVER!  I’m glad they have come to their senses and once again proclaimed nuts as healthy!  (And Breast milk too….)  The problem, as with most food for me….. comes in the portion!  Only a small handful a day is what I’m suppose to limit it to.  Not always easy to do!  Once I get started……. well… don’t get me started!

Here’s a hint for nuts that aren’t as fresh as they could be… (like the raw almonds you buy in bulk at Costco)….  Try soaking them over night in water.  Yep!!  That’s right…. soak ’em!  It will fatten them up and make them much easier to chew because of the added moisture.  By soaking them overnight… you are actually ‘sprouting’ the nuts.  In case you didn’t know…. anything in it’s sprouted form is full of many more nutrients.  So soak your old almonds!  They taste better and they are better for you!  Just keep them refrigerated after soaking and eat them within a few days because they will go moldy if you don’t!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Why is it that commitment is SO dang hard sometimes?  Obviously not all commitments are hard…… though what’s not hard for me may be hard for another person.  For instance…… I am totally committed to my marriage.  That has never been a struggle for me.  The fact that I have an absolutely wonderful man helps……but it’s also a philosophy I was raised with….  to be committed to your marriage.

Other things are hard for me to commit to though.  Like for instance….. diets…..  Daily reading of the scriptures….  Daily Exercise…..  Drinking 62 oz or more of water a day.  Those are hard for me!!  They may be easy for some people…. but they are hard for me.  This blog has been a hard commitment for me too….. and I’m only 3 months into it!!  If I forget to blog during the day…. which I so often do….. and then I have things going in the evening and come home to check my email before I go to bed….. and there it is….. that email reminding me to blog!!  Like tonight…… I saw it and said….”Why did I commit to this?”  But then I remember that it’s for my own personal growth.  It’s to prove to myself that I can do it.  I’m sure that most of you would not miss it if I missed a day or two…. but then that would not be keeping my commitment to myself.

I suppose following a commitment through to the very end will teach me a lot of things.  Discipline being one of them.  I believe that plays a big part in commitment.  Will power, determination, tenacity, creativity….. lots of things.  I know for sure I will be a better person.

Often I like to search the internet for words of wisdom related to the topic I am blogging about and tonight is no exception….  The following is from a website called Prism Ltd..  Here’s part of their definition of commitment:    “The most important single factor in individual success is COMMITMENT. Commitment ignites action. To commit is to pledge yourself to a certain purpose or line of conduct. It also means practicing your beliefs consistently. There are, therefore, two fundamental conditions for commitment. The first is having a sound set of beliefs. There is an old saying that goes, “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” The second is faithful adherence to those beliefs with your behavior. Possibly the best description of commitment is “persistence with a purpose”.”

So my ‘persistence with a purpose’ is to do what I set out to do….. blog daily to remind me how much there is to be grateful for!  To have a year of an Attitude of Gratitude!  I’m grateful I made the commitment to do it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Some days…. I really try to come up with something brilliant!  And today as the day draws closer to an end…. again I struggle.  Sometimes I’ll think of something and wonder how on earth will I blog about that?  Today is one of those days.  But we will give it a shot.

I walked by my closet a while ago and saw the skirt I wore today hanging there and thought to myself…. I love all the colors in that skirt!  And suddenly, I starting thinking about how thankful I am for color!  As much as I love black and white photography….. I wouldn’t want to live in a black and white world!  How boring would that be?  Color represents so much.  Just like there are a million different colors in the world that are each so different from each other…… there area also many ‘colors’ of people.  Of course I’m not talking about skin color here….. but the color of our personalities.  Yes, I know there are personality tests out there that peg each of us into one or two of a few colors….. but none of us are the same…. regardless of what similarities there are between us.  Just like our fingerprint we are all unique.

Do you think that there have ever been two flowers that are exactly the same?  I really don’t think so.  I think with close observation you would see some differences whether it be in size or depth of color, there would be something different.  I have a graphic program that allows you to use the same picture in 3 different formats.  My favorite, of course is the one with all the depth and shading of color.  Then there’s the format of one level color without any shading…much like a child would do in a coloring book which makes the picture look flat.  And the last is the line drawing without any color at all.  It’s interesting to see that graphic ‘come to life’ with each format.

Of course I have my favorite colors….. but I truly believe that I love all colors.  Even colors that I think I wouldn’t like in decorating, I see designers use on walls or accent pieces and I think they are beautiful!  I love to be inspired by other people’s use of color in creating things wonderful to look at!

I’m grateful that all things in life have the depth of color that give us a 3 dimensional world!  Maybe I came up with something brilliant after all!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

70’s Music

Oh… my …. gosh!  How I LOVE the music from my era!  I’m sure everyone feels the same about the music they were raised on… but really?  Honestly… can you beat groups like Seals and Croft, Chicago, Eagles, Earth Wind and Fire, The Doobie Brothers and The Bee Gees…. and that’s not even scratching the service!!

I know there were a lot of rock groups from that era that are famous and popular with a lot of people.  While there are a few of those that I liked ok….. that wasn’t the style of music that I loved to listen to.  The above mentioned artists are more of the style I loved.  Much more of an acoustical sound I guess.  I’ve never been a big loud rocker fan.  Easy listening is more my style.

Oh… I forgot… Bread, Three Dog Night, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young…… brings back SO many memories!  Oh…. and of course the late 70’s brought us the beginning of the never forgettable DISCO sound!!  How many decades can boast such a variety of music in a 10 year frame like the 70’s did?  I know a lot of the younger generation now are ‘digging’ the sounds of the 80’s, which I like also….. but they are missing out by not going back to the 70’s!  Oh… and the clothes!  But wait…. I’ll save that one for another day….. except for this peek at my son’s 70’s costume from a show he was in.

Here's a picture of Jon in his 70's costume from the show 'Company'. Yep.... the hair is real!

Listen to me sound like my Mother telling me that I didn’t know what kind of music I missed out on by not having her kind around!!  (Honestly….. I LOVE stuff from the 40’s…. she played it on the radio all the time and I actually liked it!)  Someday I’d like to make an album with songs from my Mom’s era!  So… now I guess it’s time to see if my kids can like my music!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Pain Free Day

In light of what I’ve been experiencing the last couple of weeks with my back….. I’m so grateful to have had a fairly pain free day today!

I guess I’ve always had back pain off and on since I was a teenager.  It usually comes and goes fairly quickly….. but other times it decides to be a nuisance!  This time it has been worse for a longer period of time than I ever remember before.  The weird thing is I didn’t even do anything to make it go out.  Usually, it will be a quick movement in the wrong direction or something that will jack it up….. but this time…..  nothing.

I had been sitting for fairly long periods of time when it started bothering me a couple of Sundays ago.  I would get up and move to a different spot every so often…. but still…. just sitting!  By the next morning it was killing me and by the next day… BAD!!  Again, I don’t recall it ever being this painful.  It hurt like you know what to get in and out of the car to go get treatments!  It’s been so nice the last two days to be able to do that pretty much without pain.  And rolling over in bed!!  Yikes!  It made me realize how important it is to keep our ‘core’ strong…… since everything you do movement wise can be felt in your core!  And that’s right where my pain has been.

But I’m on the mend.  Pretty much back to doing normal things…. just a little cautiously.  Still icing.  At least I got to go work in the temple today for the first time in 2 weeks!  I was grateful for that too, because we are dropping Fridays from our Temple work days and I wanted to be there to say Goodbye to my friends!  So thank heavens for therapy and healing and a pain free day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Women of Excellence

There’s a program that the youth of my church does called Young Women in Excellence.  Among other things…. part of what they do is share their particular talents with members of the church in a night that is a tribute to them.  Well… my Ward Relief Society Committee decided to adopt that idea for the older sisters in the Ward and have a tribute to Women of Excellence.

What a treat!  How fun it was to see the talents of a few of the sisters in the ward!  I was amazed at how many of them had hidden talents and hobbies that they excel in!  The one that surprised me the most was how many of them paint and draw!  One sister in particular used that talent in many different mediums…..  Chalk, oil and ceramic.  Others had oil paintings (that have won awards I might add!) and water colors, etc..  Of course there was the scrap booking, crafts, quilting, cross stitch, crocheting, knitting, photography, genealogy, gardening, cooking, writing, piano, vocal……. I’m sure I’m leaving something out!!  How fun to learn about the skills that these sisters have!  And it really was only a scratch on the service of what it could have been.

And don’t forget our fearless leader of the evening….. who sacrificed being there because she is an AVID BYU fan!  It was torture for her!  Though she did have a radio there and listened to most of the game when she could…..  I must say….. that is the very first Relief Society activity that I’ve ever been to where the background ‘music’ was a sports event!  We decided that that was part of her talent and skill….. being a big supportive BYU fan!

It truly was a delightful evening with delightful company!  I’m grateful for the Relief Society organization and the joy that associating with other sisters brings me.  I learn so much from them and they are constantly uplifting and inspiring me!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Value Speak

I have a friend whom I personally think is a brilliant writer.  I love his style and the stuff he does.   I kind of think of him as our local Dave Barry.

I know there are several papers who have and do carry his weekly column Value Speak…. like the Davis County Clipper.  But since I don’t live in Davis County…. I am lucky enough to get emails of his articles.  (That comes from being very good friends…)  You can also access his stuff by ‘liking’ ‘Fans of Joe Walker’ on Facebook….. Oops…. I just gave his name away!

I suppose one of the reasons I enjoy his articles so much is because I do personally know him….. so I can hear his voice and inflections as I read.  I know his sense of humor.  Plus…. many of his articles are about childhood memories…. which makes me fairly familiar with whom he is talking about, and that makes it even more fun for me!  His style is so down home…. so real.  Thoughts that we probably all think to ourselves in similar situations.  And of course….. humorous!

I’m going to do some shameless promotion here…..Besides his brilliant weekly articles…. Several of his articles are collected in two of his books: How To Mend a Broken Spleen and Look What Love Has Done….. both available at  I would totally recommend his newest book: Christmas On Mill Street.  A delightfully funny short novel full of fun and laughter.   A short description of the book says: “Take A Christmas Story and mix in The Sandlot and you’ll get Joseph Walker’s new holiday novel — Christmas on Mill Street.” It’s really a great read…. available at Deseret Book. (I should be promoting that one at Christmas time…. but it’s a great read anytime!)

I am grateful today that I have such wonderful friends that can speak and write so ellioquently!  Thanks for your inspiration and joy that you bring into my life!  I look forward weekly to your articles….. even the serious ones!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


This journey of a Daily Post on my blog is an interesting one.  Especially since I feel I have limited my ‘topic’.  But then again…… so much to be grateful for!

There is something to be said about a regimen of discipline.  This is probably one of the first things, that I can remember, that I’ve stuck to doing for more than a 30-60 day period.  I’ve done OK with some things… diets….. in the past for a certain length of time….. but anything past a month or two and I struggle.  Perhaps it’s from the feeling of being deprived.

Blogging, however is a little different.  I’m not deprived from anything…. in fact quite the opposite.  It makes me take time to be very aware of the things around me.  I’m still not as aware as I should be….. but I’m paying more attention to things or reflecting back on my day to see what I might have missed.

Gratitude is a funny thing….. at least for me in this blogging thing.  I really find myself being grateful for the SAME things all the time!  It’s hard not to just say, “I’m grateful for my husband…. I’m grateful for my kids, my Mom,  my family”  etc., etc.  I guess the good part of that is the fact that I AM noticing how I am constantly grateful for those things!  Paying attention to that and trying not to take it for granted is a good thing.  The struggle comes in my commitment to not blog about the same thing twice!  So here’s my challenge to you….. name 365 things you are grateful for….. right now!!  (Then forward me the list so I can steel some ideas!)

Blogging has also made me aware of how I need to improve my English skills!  I know that I don’t always punctuate correctly!  For instance… have you noticed how I like to use.  ‘……………’  a lot………. !  It’s my way of trying to make you feel a pause in my speaking….. as if you were actually hearing me……..  But I’m pretty sure I don’t remember learning that in any English class I took…….   ………   Oh well…. hopefully you’ll understand better now when you see all those dots!  Thanks for staying tuned in!

I am Grateful!  How are you?