Honest People

Have you ever lost anything and not known about it until someone contacted you to return it?  Happened to me today.  Aren’t honest people wonderful?

Today I sang at a funeral of a neighbor….. honestly…. not my favorite thing to do.  But when you get asked nicely by the Bishop and you know the family that lost the loved one…. you say ‘yes’.  (Unless of course it’s your own parent or sibling or something a little too close to maintain the emotions!)  After the funeral was over, we were putting away some sound equipment that we had used and my hubby decided to go put all the chairs in the Relief Society Room back in place since the room had been changed around for the viewing.  After chatting with another neighbor for a few minutes… I went back to join him.  In the process, I had taken my phone out of my purse to check for messages and still had it in my hand when I went to help my husband.  Apparently, I sat my phone next to my purse instead of in my purse and when we went to leave….. I didn’t pickup my phone.  BUT  I had NO idea that I had left it!

A few hours later our home phone rings and it’s my cell phone number calling!  My husband was in the other room and holler’s, “How are you calling home?”  We both answered and the voice on the other end says, “Did someone there lose their phone?”  Well….. I guess I had!  Even though I hadn’t missed it in those few hours!  (Goes to show I’m not addicted to my phone or I’m sure I would have noticed it much quicker)

Thankfully, some honest people found it and looked through the contacts until they found “Home” listed and called.  Good thing we have a land line still!  It’s so nice to know that there are still honest and good people out there!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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