Spotlight Sensations

Today I got a Facebook message that made my day.  A former student of mine sent me a thank you note basically saying that she was grateful for the opportunity she had had to be a part of Spotlight Sensations and for what she had learned and how she had grown as a person while being a part of the group.  What’s the term I’m looking for here?  Rewarding???  I’m not sure …..  but it’s those kinds of ‘thank you’s’ that make you realize that it was all worth it…. you know?

For those of you that don’t know….  my friend and I co-directed a young person’s performing group that we called Spotlight Sensations.  While it only lasted for 6 years….  it was a very fun 6 years.  We may not have risen to the top of the pile of quality performing groups…. but I believe we gave our kids a chance to grow and gain confidence that they may not have gotten in some of the other groups.  We most definitely were not the biggest studio around…. which actually gave all the kids more of a chance to shine.  A good number of our students…. particularly the ones in the older classes…. had been with us the entire 6 years.  One of the most rewarding aspects of that was to see how much they grew over that 6 years….  and I don’t mean physically.  So many of the kids that started with us had had no prior performing experience.  To watch them grow in that aspect was a real treat.  So many went from being very shy to having confidence to get up in front of people to perform.  Now bare in mind….. this was WAY before Glee…. so some of the boys didn’t really think this was a cool thing to be doing!  I would suppose that now a days that would be a little different for the guys…… though I still think they may struggle a little with the being ‘cool’ aspect.  Always a challenge for boys in their teen years.

One of the best parts of doing this was giving our own children a place to gain some performing experience.  The bad part about that was they fought us tooth and nail in some aspects about doing it.  It’s kind of the idea that most children don’t do well with their own parents as their teachers.  They are usually better behaved for other people.  One if my kids in particular was VERY bad with that.  He admits that now….. but the funny thing is……  ALL of my kids have become performers in their own right… but Nate seems to have more of an urge than the others to ‘make a name’ for himself.  He loves it.  Though he fought it when younger…. he loves it now.

I could go on forever about things with Spotlight…. but I’m sure most of you don’t really want to read all that.  So let me just finish by saying…..   I very grateful that Nila encouraged me to team up with her and start the Spotlight adventure.  It was rewarding in so many aspects and has so many wonderful memories attached to it.  I’ve never for one minute regretted the opportunity.  So THANKS to all you Spotlight kids out there!!  Thanks for the memories!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


3 Replies to “Spotlight Sensations”

  1. Whoever told you that, was definitely telling the truth. Spotlight, and all the experiences, is one of my most favorite memories. I can’t believe it was only 6 years though. I was in it at least 5, I thought. 🙂

  2. I miss Spotlights even though I was still young when it ended. Thanks for those 6 years Wanda and Nila my entire family had a blast!!!!

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