Les Miz Concert

I’m sure I’m among the millions that love Les Miserables.  The story and the music are so powerful!  What a treat it is to sit and watch the 25th Anniversary concert on PBS!

The voices of the the Broadway cast recording are set in my brain…. but I’m very impressed with the voices and performances I am seeing tonight.  There’s only one part I would disagree with the way it was cast…. but I won’t get into it here….  you can find all that on FB if you really want to know.

Alfie Boe as Jean ValJean..... he's fabulous

It’s hard to believe that Les Miz is 25 years old!  Really?  I was just telling my husband that can’t be, but then started thinking about how old the kids were when we took them to see if for the first time.  It certainly wasn’t a brand new show by the time we saw it…. so I guess if you add that to the age the kids were…. it would add up to 25 years!  Sheez…. time flies!

It’s truly a beautiful story of love and forgiveness, courage and redemption, fortitude and persistence….. and I’m sure many other adjectives I’ve left out!   I’ve heard it said recently….. that the type of conflict in this story as well as that in Tale of Two Cities is very similar to what is happening in the world today.  It’s amazing how you can look over our history and see it all repeat itself.  How quickly we forget the lessons learned and find ourselves in the same mess as our former ancestors.

The most beautiful part of the story for me is the turn around of Jean Val Jean and the man he becomes after being forgiven himself and then ‘pays it forward’ by forgiving the one who has treated him unjustly for years.  It’s just too bad that Jarvert can’t accept that forgiveness in the same way.  There are so many things we can learn a lot from this beautiful story.  So many I could go on for days….. but  I won’t.

I’m grateful to have had the chance to listen to the beautiful music, the voices and be reminded of this wonderful story tonight.  Thanks for airing PBS!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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