Though the rain quickly turned into snow today…..  I started thinking about rain as I was driving home in it this afternoon.  My first thought…… Gosh!  It’s gloomy looking out here!  How can I be grateful for rain?   Then I remembered being young…… and how fun it was to play in the rain and the rain puddles!  Of course… that was usually done in warm puddles, not cold ones like today would have been….. but it brought back the memory anyway.

Isn’t it amazing how a child can find joy in the simplest of things?  It usually doesn’t take much to entertain most children.  I think that my generation had to come up with our own ways of being entertained since we grew up in a era long before computers and video games and such!  There was a lot of imaginative play that had to go on then……  but that’s another topic for a blog!!

Did you ever just stand out in the rain and let it pour down on you without any concern of getting your clothes or face or shoes or anything else wet?  That’s a carefree feeling….. though as adults, I think we have a harder time doing that.  Particularly women…. since we worry about hair and makeup too!  It’s been a long while since I was out in a nice warm rain storm and not worried about getting wet.  Where’s the joy in that?  How about jumping in the puddles to make a BIG splash!!  The bigger the better….. especially if you could get someone else wet in the process!

I’m committing to having a day sometime this year of standing out in (and playing) in the rain with no concern of getting wet or what I will look like after!  Of course….. it will have to be a warm rain for me to do that….. since I’m a wimp with the cold weather!!  I’m going to act like a child again and soak it up and have a “Singing In the Rain” moment!  Anyone with me?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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