Hot Cereal

Though my mind is ready for Spring…. it appears to be more of a Winter day out there!!  On cold days I love warm food!  Also known as comfort food.  This morning… I’m grateful for Hot Cereal.

I don’t remember having hot cereal on a regular basis growing up.  I do remember having it…. my mind just doesn’t recall it being on a regular basis.  Maybe my siblings would disagree….   I’ve always loved Oatmeal cereal.  Not the pre-packaged make in a second kind…. (though I have used those in the past…. but they aren’t my favorite).  The good old fashioned Oats that take a little more time to prepare are my favorite….. as far as Oatmeal goes.  I also used to love a bowl of Cream of Wheat or Ralston….. mixed with a little honey, milk and butter…. hmmm   hmmmm

My favorite new Hot Cereal is one we discovered at Kitchen Kneads.  It’s called Breakfast Blend.  It’s made of oats, barley, rye, brown rice, millet and buckwheat grains.  It takes a while to cook…… but it is so delicious!  What we have learned to do is use the pressure cooker to fix it the first time.  I usually make enough for 4 to 5 breakfast meals….. since there’s only my hubby and I…. it goes that far.  Then I will put the rest of it in the fridge and warm a little up over the next week or so when we are in the mood for cereal vs. an omelet or something similar.  It reheats beautifully and is a much quicker serving on those days.  We’ve started using coconut oil a lot in our cooking…. so I add the coconut oil to take the place of butter.  We use agave or stevia instead of sugar and sometimes opt for fresh fruit, like blueberries instead of raisins.  Though my husband does love it with raisins….   they have a lot of sugar in them, so we don’t use them all the time. Oh…. and don’t forget the cinnamon!

I love that fact that we are using whole grains in this cereal.  They are so good for you and provide much needed fiber.  Though I don’t always make healthy food choices…. (I’m trying to get better at that)…. I have found over the last couple of years how much I do enjoy eating whole foods.  When you realize what kinds of problems all the processed foods are causing in our bodies….. you start to make better choices.   Living a longer and healthier life has a lot to do with what we eat.  Sometimes it’s a challenge…. but we are at least making an effort to make better choices.

Have you had your bowl of Hot Cereal today?  Soooooo yummy on a cold day!  Plus… I’m making soup for later!  Can’t get better than that on a cold day!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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