Sometimes I swear my hair grows like a weed!!  Especially lately….  it seems I’m scheduling haircuts much closer these days.  I am very grateful that I have a fabulous sister who takes care of me that way.  I’m also grateful that she generously fits me in her schedule.   Especially when she is as busy as she is right now….. she’s a Saint!

Though I guess men’s haircuts can be trendy or edgy….. I think as a whole, women have a few more options in that regard.  However…. I’m not the type to do anything funky with my hair.  Just a traditional, average hair style that looks good on most people….. that’s my style.  I love having my sister cut my hair.  She’s been cutting it for years (except for the few years she lived in Cali)  and let’s just say she knows my hair.  She has a talent for knowing how to cut it right.  She knows the texture and thickness and what techniques to use to cut my hair so that it looks good.

There’s something fresh about having a new haircut!  Sometimes it takes few days for the hair style to be retrained so it will fall into place…. but once it does….  it’s called a good hair day…. or week…. or maybe 2 weeks if you’re lucky and the hairstyle allows.  Then…. it starts getting just long enough that it just doesn’t style right for a while!  Why is that?  But…. I have a tendency to put up with it for a few weeks before I schedule another cut.  Even though my sister is VERY generous to me…  I don’t like taking advantage of her.

So now the cut is done….. it’s time to give it a fresh coat of ‘paint’….. if you know what I mean….  Then to schedule the picture of my hubby and I before it grows out again!!  But thankfully it will look good for a while!  Thanks, Shawna!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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