I’m not usually a very spontaneous person….. but the last couple of days… I have been and it’s been kind of fun!  I guess most of you would probably think that getting a phone call from a neighbor and friend telling you they were coming to pick you up right now and go to lunch isn’t what you would call a real spontaneous thing to do…..  but for me…. it was!

I had just finished making my husband and I a very large salad when she called.  Now you need to realize that the salads I make are kind of a work of art.  Sort of.  Maybe it’s just because it takes a while to make them that I feel that way…. but nonetheless…. they are delish…. so that makes them a work of art in my eyes!  It had probably taken me about 1/2 hour or so to make the salad and we had started eating it… but this neighbor insisted that we come to lunch with them.  When someone offers to take me to Smashburger… its hard to resist!  (See an earlier post…)  Even though my husband had consumed about 1/3 of his salad….. we scooped them up into plastic containers and put them in the fridge and off we went!!  And it was fun to just do it on the spot!

Today…. I spontaneously decided to return the favor by inviting them over to share in a big pot of soup I had made.  Another last minute decision… but again…. it was enjoyable.

I probably should practice being a little more spontaneous.  I found a quote that describes it as this:  Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine, a bit of unscheduled pleaI suppose we were all probably a litte more spontaneous as children.  There really is a little element of excitement or buzz that comes from being that way.  I guess our trip to St. George a couple of weeks ago was  a little spontaneous and I loved it!  Someday I will be in a position to take those spontaneous last minutes trips and take advantage of bargains on the way.

That reminds me of a spontaneous moment we had a LONG time ago…..  I had been gone for almost 6 weeks away from my husband and very small children.  I was touring with the group I performed with for the DOD.  (Similar to USO)  Our last stop was in Hawaii.  By the time we had reached Hawaii at the end of those 6 weeks…. my husband and I were missing each other an awful lot by then!  Right after we arrived in Hawaii…. I called my husband and he said that he had just heard an ad on the radio from Morris Travel offering a trip to Hawaii for very cheap because they were trying to fill the seats on the plane.  If I remember right it was like $500.00 or less for round trip airfare and a week’s hotel room included.  Since I had been getting a stipend from my DOD trip and had sent most of the money home…. we spontaneously decided to get him on that flight and over to me!  He dropped the kids off at his Mom’s and headed on over.  I’ll never forget the sweet reunion we had at the airport.  It was a long a hard hug.  He got to see our final show there and I extended my stay and we enjoyed another week in Hawaii all by ourselves.  It really was one of the most spontaneous and fun things we have ever done!!  And so worth it!  I think I need to try that more often!  Thankfully the last little while has reminded me how fun it is to be spontaneous!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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