Sister Yost

Do you know anyone that is so sweet and kind and loving that every time you see them you just light up?  You know they will hug you and tell you they love you…. they are always cheerful and kind.  Well…… in particular today I’m grateful for Sister Yost.

Working in the temple you see a lot of people that come on a regular basis.  It truly amazes me how faithful some people are.  Truly.  I’m ashamed to say that before I was called to be a Temple Worker that I was lucky if I made it to the temple once a month.  Since I’ve worked in the temple I’ve come to realize how important it is to go often.  Not just to do the work for the dead…. but because we are personally reminded of the covenants we made and the promises given the first time we went.  It’s similar to hearing the Sacrament prayer every week in Sacrament meeting…..  only better.  A LOT better.  Such beautiful blessings and promises.  So comforting to be reminded of them.  So lucky we are to have them.

Back to Sister Yost.  I was the lucky person who got to help her as she was completing her session today.  I say session singularly, not really knowing at the time which number it was that she was on and how many more she had left for the day.  The women is unbelievable.  If I were guessing…. I’d say she is in her late 70’s possibly even in her 80’s.  She comes EVERY Wednesday and spends the entire day (how late I’m not sure because my shift ends long before she’s done….) doing Initiatory work.  For those who don’t know what that is…. that is a step before going on an Endowment session where we are given some of the most amazing promises from our Heavenly Father.  Most people do the allotted 5 names in Initiatory and go on their way.  Not Sister Yost.  We are only allowed to let them take in 5 names at a time so that when it’s crowded, people don’t have to wait so long to get their turn.  So…. Sister Yost will do her 5 names, come back out and get in line again to do another 5.  Sometimes the wait can be up to an hour if it’s really crowded.  She doesn’t seem to mind at all.  She just sits there patiently with a smile on her face.  But she does this all day long! She’ll take a break for a bite to eat and get right back to it.  Truly amazing.  Though I don’t know if she does her own genealogy work or not…. she always has family name cards to do for a friend.  (She probably got her own names done years ago!!)   Then on Fridays she back again.  This time she spends the entire day doing Endowment sessions.  Now bare in mind…. you can only do 1 name at a time for an Endowment and each session last 1 1/2 hrs.  That’s a long time to spend on each name…. but she is diligent in trying to get them done.  Now, that’s just when I see her…. Wed. and Fri because that’s when I work!  I think she is there several other days too!  Unbelievable!

Though there are several patrons in the temple that do the same thing, I’ve always been very impressed with Sister Yost.    Some people have thought her to be a little quirky…. but that woman knows EVERY WORD of every ordinance performed in the temple!  That’s a LOT to memorize.  I’m even talking every word of the Endowment session.  There are only a few temples that actually have the entire Endowment session spoken by ‘live’ people.  Most of the temples use the film for a good portion of the session, so most workers have not had to ‘memorize’ that part like they do all the other ordinances.  But Sister Yost knows it.  In fact….. she loves to sit on the front row.  She used to nod her head and mouth every single word…. but I think it bothered some of the patrons because they felt it was distracting.  I believe the Temple Presidency must have spoken to her because she doesn’t do that anymore.  She will still nod her head a little… but not like she used to.  And she stays awake the entire time too!  I sometimes have a hard time doing that!!  In fact…. most of the time I have a hard time!

The other thing that I absolutely love about her is that she never rushes anything.  When it’s her turn to speak verbiage, she is slow and methodical, speaking it as though it was the first time and with so much thought and inflection.  Many people rush through that part without realizing how sacred it really is.

I know the Lord has a special place reserved for her in Heaven and that she will be surrounded by 1000’s of sisters thanking her for doing their work.  What a blessing it is to know and love her!  And what a blessing it is to serve her!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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