Family Gatherings

I’m sure glad that we have excuses to get together as an extended family!  It seems like we would never see each other if we didn’t!

Today we had a gathering on the Copier side.  John brother’s son is entering the MTC this week so he had his ‘opportunity to speak’ in sacrament meeting today.   There are always lots of friends at those events…. but we had lots of family there too.  Two weeks ago the Copiers got together to celebrate John’s Dads 91st birthday.  A ‘crazy madhouse’ is about the only way you can describe a Copier gathering like that.  Keep in mind….. John is the oldest of 12 kids…. so our numbers are big!  And they all have booming loud voices…. so it can get crazy!  But I love it!  They are all such great people… and we have fun together.

At least I can catch up a little with people when the family is together…. with so many people, it’s hard to keep up!  Thank heavens for FB so I can catch up a little there too.  I love to get together with both our families.

Most of my siblings and I with my Mom.

Unfortunately, my family doesn’t get together as often as we used to.  Since my Dad passed away and my Mom had her stroke and is now in an Assisted Living center, we no longer have the family homestead to gather in,  so our get togethers are few and far between…..which I miss.  We seemed to always be a small crowd of some kind on Sunday evenings at my parents house.  We all loved our Sunday night ‘cheesies’.

Then there’s my own family!  How I miss my kids!  It’s getting harder and harder to get together.  Everyone’s schedule is so different that we really have to make an effort to find time for us all to be together and that makes me VERY sad!!  It’s amazing how busy we can allow our lives to get so that making time for our own families becomes secondary!   Someday….. when my dreams come true….. they will all have jobs that allow a lot of free time and we’ll all be living close enough together to make it happen at least on a weekly basis!

Though I don’t see my family, both extended and immediate, as often as I ‘d like to….. I’m grateful for those gatherings when they happen!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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