Being in a show

You know one of the things I love about being in a theater show?  I love the chance to be somebody else!  I was always pretty darn good at playing make believe as a kid…. and that’s pretty much what you do when you are in a theatrical show.   I’ve always thought I did a pretty good job of portraying most characters…. Some people may disagree with that and that’s ok!  I enjoy doing it anyway!

I think it’s fun to analyze a character and dig deeper into what their life is or was like outside of the story line.  What might have made them who they are, etc.  Sometimes it can make you think of things a little differently.  Of course, some characters are all just ‘fluff’ without much to them….  but others… you can really delve into who they are.

The thing I hate about being in a show is the auditioning process.  I’ve actually heard of people that love that part….but it’s not my favorite part.  Especially when you always seem to be ‘competing’ with the same people every time!    Sometimes the directors don’t see you as the part you want or you are not what they envision the part to be….. even though you could play it well….  but that’s another topic that I won’t get into here!

The crazy women in Lucky Stiff... part of the show is about dogs, hence the panting pose!

My very favorite type of role to play is the character role.  The one with the personality, you know?  The funny or brassy one.  I like those best.  Probably one of my all time favorite character roles I’ve played is Rita LaPorter in LUCKY STIFF.  One of the funnest shows I’ve ever been in!!  And hilarious!  I have lots of other character roles that I’ve enjoyed too.

Though character rolls are my favorite…. I still like ingenue or dramatic rolls too.  One of my dream roles in that category is to play Marmee in LITTLE WOMEN, the Musical.  Love that show… and the music and would like to play that part…… soon….. before I’m too old to pull it off…..  (Anyone out there listening that wants to produce that show for me?????????)  Ahem….  anyway…..

Life on the stage in any kind of a role is always fun.  And I love the friends I make in that arena.  Fun people.  Crazy, some of them…. but fun!  Life is never dull when you are around uninhibited people!  Of course…. it’s true what they say…. you kind of get addicted to that ‘applause’ and it keeps you coming back!

I’ve been very blessed to have had some great opportunities in theater.  But for the record… in case you didn’t know…. I don’t always get the parts I want!  (Big surprise!)  Most of us in theater can relate to that one!  But still, I’m grateful for the ones I’ve had and hope to be able to have more opportunites in the future!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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